Scrap Book
"We do what we must because we can!"
  •   (above) Brother Gordon Poire enlisted help from me to aid the clean up and  removal of a pile of trimming that his neighbor threw
    on his property after cutting his foliage that was near his rock wall. It needed to be done ASAP, so I enlisted the Koa Puna
    Motorcycle Club to assist; as they are civic minded like we are. My son (Aaron Baker) is the Vice President of the Club and offered
    his troop to get it done. Below are pictures of this effort that took place on Sunday, July 21st. It took 7 people about two hours to
    complete the job. The picture below is the finished project. Mahalo, Koa Puna for a job well done! A joint Mason/Koa Puna
    community project. - Michael P Baker Sr, PGM
Most Worshipful Wilson Camagan
2018 Grand Master with MW Michael P. Baker Sr PGM at the 2018
Kona Annual Picnic at Old Kona Airport
Seven sets of hands and a couple of hours and we transformed a mess to
a great yard space...
Brother Joe Zapatoliva in full Shrine Clown
Costume at the 4th of July Parade. Mahalo!
Brother Joe!
Brothers Ramon Villasenor and Brother Oscar Tuano at the 4th of July
On July 7th, Kona Lodge held its annual  Picnic –  shown above is
our extended Masonic family. Centered with the black hat, is our
Most Worshipful Wilson Camagon Grand Master of Masons in
Hawaii. The family and friends were at the table enjoying each
other’s company.
Pictured here are members, visitors, and officers at the  August Kona
Lodge Stated Dinner and Meeting
Above; are members and officers from Kilauea and Kona Lodges at the
joint 3rd Degree for Brother Josh Stueber on April 15th.
Shown above is Brother Josh Stueber receiving a bible presentation,
delivered by Brother Chris Hannigan, after his 3rd Degree on August 15th.