Scrap Book
"We do what we must because we can!"
  This is a Group Picture of the 2018 Kona Lodge Officers with the
   Installing Team and most especially WM Chris Domino's Grand
Pictured left to right are: MW Michael Baker, Sr. PGM, WB
Dan Miller PM, RW Wilson Camagan DGM, and WB Lee
Meyerson PM. Taken at the Annual Kona Lodge Picnic.
In the picture above are the Officers, Members and candidate
(Michael Olson) at the First Degree on September 27, 2007
Michael Olson is pictured with WB Lee Meyerson PM at the
September 27th First Degree at Kona Lodge. Michael has retired
from his construction career and now works as an artist here in
West Hawaii.
Worshipful Chris Domino, Master of Kona Lodge sitting in
anticipation of his rising to the Oriental Chair
Worshipful Master Chris M. Domino and his Lady Lauren
at the Installation of the 2018 Kona Lodge Officers.