Scrap Book
"We do what we must because we can!"

Brother "Ippy"  manning the flat-top at the Hi-12 fund raiser in
Waimeaa to promote his new restaurant opening in January 2019

Group picture of the  Hi-12 Club working at the October 21 fund raiser
Brother Joe Zapatoliva in full Shrine Clown
Costume at the 4th of July Parade. Mahalo!
Brother Joe!
Brothers Ramon Villasenor and Brother Oscar Tuano at the 4th of July

November Stated Meeting; Worshipful Chris Domino's last meeting
as Master of Kona Lodge.
Pictured here are members, visitors, and officers at the  August Kona
Lodge Stated Dinner and Meeting
Above; are members and officers from Kilauea and Kona Lodges at the
joint 3rd Degree for Brother Josh Stueber on April 15th.
Shown above is Brother Josh Stueber receiving a bible presentation,
delivered by Brother Chris Hannigan, after his 3rd Degree on August 15th.

left to right: Bro Dom Domino, Bro James Grimes & WB Robert
Dietrich. Photo was  taken just before a Kona Parade.

Aaliyah Sanoekeakealaniwili’iamekealohamaikalanimai
Newest addition to the Gibson family, mother and baby are doing fine.
Congratulations to the Gibsons!