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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
 Greetings brethren, this month I’d like to give a brief update of the things
that are happening for some of the brethren who might not have been able
to attend.
 A few projects are brewing behind the scenes to improve our lodge.  They
are possible solar installation and AC upgrades both are still in the data
collection phase to see if they are fiscally possible.  
Another actionable item is we are working with the KMTA to see if we can
better some of our facility services.  
 Finally, we are preparing for third degree work for our two Fellowcraft
brethren and potentially working with Kilauea lodge.  
We have received an application for a candidate and potentially another is
considering petitioning.
 These were just a brief recap and if you would like more info feel free to
give me a call at 808-640-1149.  It would be my pleasure to bring you up to
speed on what’s going on behind the scenes.  
As always it is my pleasure to serve the will of the membership.
    WB Troy D Gibson Sr PM

 Aloha Brethren, I would like to start off by saying a big mahalos to our
Honolulu Brother Hughs who delivered our new fitted/custom lodge officer
shirts and brethren, they are sharp! If any other brethren would like to order
one, they come in various colors and designs (not just the typical white we
wear as officers). If interested, please see me or our Worshipful Master Troy
Gibson for contact information.
 I would also like to thank our very own Junior Warden Brother Jim Lysiuk
who quietly has been busy upgrading the dining hall with new round tables,
recessed lighting and entry door upgrades. Your hard work and dedication
is unsurpassed brother.
 To all brethren, it is getting close to the ANCOM meeting in April and I do
believe there are a few issues that we are going to be voting on, so
brethren, please join us to discuss any / all topics. We will definitely read
them at the April’s stated but may bring them up in March to give a heads
up on them.   
 I would also like to extend an invitation to all of the Masonic brethren,
traveling or not, to come and join us at all our ceremonies and enjoy the
dinners, comradery, aloha and family welcome from our Kona lodge.  I will
be making some traditional Irish dishes brothers, so please come and join
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden


•        Shepard’s Pie
•        Corn beef and cabbage / potatoes / carrots
•        Rolls with Irish butter
•        Dessert – Chocolate shamrock cake (wondering what that is?
                        You’ll just have to come and see)

Aloha Brethren, March is here! So you know what that means? Basketball
no, Daylight savings time no, Spring no, come on you guys, you know It’s
Saint Patrick’s day and what do we have for that day, that  right! My
Brothers, it’s Corn Beef and Cabbage at our stated meeting. I hope
everyone can make it.
   Now don’t forget about last month’s meal! It was excellent and we have to
thank Brother Stan Zuke and the Misses for that one.
   You know as always, we need to practice, you never know when there
could be a degree coming up, so please if you can make it, come to practice
and try to make Wednesdays practice, thanks . The lodge needs you.

Now I would like to leave you with a few words from Brother John Glenn Jr.
“It has been my observation that the happiest of people, vibrant doers of
the world, are almost always those who are using – Who are putting into
play, Calling upon – the greatest numbers of their God – given talents and

    Fraternally yours,
    Bro. James Lysiuk
    Junior Warden

    Mar 03   Ramon Villasenor        
    Mar 04   MW Russ Charvonia        
    Mar 15   WB Bob Brogan
    Mar 15   Allen Kennedy
    Mar 16   Michael Olson        

    3/05/84   WB Chuck Sundberg        
    3/05/16   Damien Houser                
    3/18/09   Hector Robles                
    3/25/15   Daniel Smith                
    3/31/93   Allen Kennedy                

    Mar 04    Stated Meeting & Dinner
                         6PM Dinner
                         7PM Meeting
    Mar 11   Officers’ Practice
                         6PM 3rd Degree Practice

There may be two 3rd degrees this month. The dates will be announced as
we have confirmed dates.
                Famous Freemasons in History

Throughout the history of Freemasonry many men of influence and
accomplishment have been drawn to the fellowship of the fraternity. Some,
by society's standards, were successful men before they petitioned for
membership. Others went on to accomplish great things because they put
into practice the lessons and teachings of Masonry.
Below is a partial list of the famous Freemasons we have thus far identified.
No doubt there are many more. Some may choose not to be publicly
identified due to their position and the confusion that surrounds
membership in the Craft. We will endeavor to continue to add to this list
bearing in mind the proper considerations to privacy.

Below is a list of Masonic Presidents of the United States of America
•        George Washington
•        James Monroe
•        Andrew Jackson
•        James K. Polk
•        James Buchanan
•        Andrew Johnson
•        James Garfield
•        William McKinley       
•        Theodore Roosevelt
•        William Taft
•        Warren Harding
•        Franklin D. Roosevelt
•        Harry S. Truman
•        Lyndon B. Johnson (EAM)
•        Gerald Ford

Masonic Founding Fathers of the United States of America
•        Benjamin Franklin
•        John Hancock
•        Joseph Warren
•        Paul Revere
•        Henry Knox
•        John Blair William        
•        John Sullivan
•        John Paul Jones
•        Mordecai Gist
•        Edmund Randolph
•        John Marshall
MARCH 2020
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