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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
     What makes a man a Mason? I have a few thoughts on that deep,
deep subject, here they are:
  • The duty of a Mason is to be honest. Show honesty in all our
    dealings, and honesty to our principles is the duty we keep in
  • The duty of a Mason is to be faithful; faithful to your family,
    faithful to your friends. faithful to Masonry, faithful to your
    country, and faithful to the best interests of mankind.
  • The duty of a Mason is to continually grow, spiritually and
    mentally. Knowledge makes us wiser. Increasing wisdom
    allows us to better assist and support ourselves, mankind and
    our country.
    These are just a few thoughts, what about your ideas and
    What do you think makes a Mason? Think about your good traits
and how to apply and build upon them.
    There will be a 3rd degree on Wednesday, July 12th. This will be to
assist Kilauea Lodge in raising one of their brothers who will be leaving
the island at the end of July. Let's assist them in this important
endeavor and show our support with a good turnout.
                See you in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan
    Worshipful Master

    I cannot believe it, July already, and it’s time for our Kona Lodge
Annual Picnic. This is a potluck event with the Lodge providing the
grilling items. We usually have a great turnout with some really good
food. Mark your calendars for July 22, 2017, and bring your friends and
    I thank Worshipful Master Bob Brogan,  Brothers Jimmy Lysiuk and
Brother Troy Gibson for donating and installing the new entertainment
center shown in the picture on this page. I am sure that it will add to
the whole lodge experience at Kona Lodge.
    I thank those brothers who participated in the Kamehameha Day
Parade representing the Blue Lodge and Shrine. In July there will be:

    Jul 04   4th of July Parade
    Jul 05   Stated Dinner and Meeting
           6PM Dinner
           7PM Meeting
    Jul 12        3rd Degree for Kilauea at Kona
           6PM Dinner
           7PM Meeting
    Jul 20        High12 Benefit Dinner at Koa
           Table Restaurant at Waikoloa
           King' s Shops
    Jul 22   Kona Lodge Annual Picnic
           12AM social
            1PM Bless the Food and Eat
    Jul 27   Funeral RWB Richard Decker PJGW
            10AM Graveside Christ Church
         Episcopal Kealakekua

    As you can see July will be very busy so mark your calendars and
have a great summer.
    I extend an invitation  to all of the Masonic Brethren, traveling or not,
to join us at all our ceremonies and events. Come enjoy dinner,
comradery and aloha at Kona Lodge.    
          Fraternally yours
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

    Aloha my brethren, we have made it past our halfway point of the
year and some changes are underway.  We have had some upgraded
electronic donations that I would like to thank Brother Jim and Chris for
assisting me in making happen.  Both of you are truly selfless men who
I have nothing but admiration for.
     I urge all Masons who haven't been to the lodge in a while to come
down and see some of the changes being made.  
The next big project is the dining room floor. Brother Jerry Akers is
donating all the supplies to refinish the floor. Thank you very much my
brother, your generosity is appreciated.
     I will be asking for donations to offset the cost of floor preparation,
equipment rental and for the cost of rental equipment for the
installation of our sink. We will be putting together a work crew for that
project.  If you choose to donate I am asking for 10 dollars from
everybody who wants to assist in making these lodge upgrades.  This
is a excellent opportunity if you cannot donate your time or labor to
support this project.
     All the hard work that has been done to make our lodge what it is
will be for naught if we don't progress and maintain our lodge.  We are
a progressive organization and I would like to thank all of you in
advance for your help.
    I look forward to seeing you at the Stated Dinner and meeting. Do
not forget our picnic on July 22nd at the Old Kona Airport.
    Troy D Gibson Sr
    Junior Warden

    Jul 09 2014        Cory A. Akers
    Jul 12 1990        James D. Stephens PM
    Jul 13 1988        Ralph G. Hind
    Jul 13 1996        James B. Grimes
    Jul 20 2013        John H. Caudell
    Jul 22 2006        Leo McKeon
    Jul 23 1966        Leo D. Peters
    Jul 24 1961        Harold W. Erickson
    Jul 25 1995        Lawrence M. Jones PM
    Jul 25 2012        Troy D. Gibson Sr

    Jul 03        James B. Grimes
    Jul 08        Damien S. Houser
    Jul 16        A.D. Wardle
    Jul 19        Chris M. Domino
    Jul 25        Scott B. Whipple
    Jul 26        William F. Mielcke
    Jul 26        Robert E. Parmenter PM
    Jul 30        Dominick Domino
    Jul 31        Malakai K. Torres

Brothers Gibson, Zapatoliva and Villasenor marching in the 2017
Kamehameha Day Parade


Our New Audio Visual Equiptment donated to the lodge.

Miss Cheyshia L. Maderno our 2017 Scholarship recipient from
Konawaena High School.

JUNE 2017
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