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"To see the light by which Masons Work"

       Aloha brethren, we are really starting to get in full swing
with lodge projects, candidates and new brethren receiving
their degrees.  I congratulate Doc Halliday on receiving his 65
year pin, what a great achievement.  Doc, it’s moments like
that night, talking story with brethren that make masonry so
 One quick housekeeping note;  If you have any checks
written to the lodge that haven’t been cashed please contact
our treasurer Bro. Bob F. and treasurer in training Bro. Jerry
Akers  808-936-1953. Thank you for your attention to this
matter brethren.
       We are having a great Masonic Year and it couldn’t
happen without the dedication, guidance and brotherly love
that each and every one of you gives.  We are truly blessed to
be a part of this honorable institution. As always it’s my honor
to serve the will and pleasure of the fraternity.
    Troy Gibson

    Aloha Brethren, as you know we lost my grandfather Dom
Domino passed last month. He fought a hard battle with
cancer and this time cancer won. It was a known thing that he
was declining but it still is a shock when it finally happens.
       Kona Lodge is very special to our family as Kona Lodge
presented him with his 50 year Golden Veterans Award and I
also was raised in Kona Lodge by MW Mike Baker PGM.
Grandpa Dom will be sorely missed.
    With Warmest Aloha,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden.

       Greetings From The South; As any reader of my columns
has noticed, I am a big fan of Masonic history and the Masons
who have contributed to, and been instrumental in shaping
our lodges, both ancient and more contemporary. This month I
will bring to your  attention the Rev. Joseph Fort Newton, who
authored over 30 books, the most  important of which is
arguably "The Builders: A Story and Study of Freemasonry"
published in 1914.
       The Rev. Brother Newton was raised to the sublime
degree of Master Mason in Friendship Lodge #7, Dixon Illinois
in 1902. He served as Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Iowa
from 1911-1913.
"Masonry was not made to divide men, but to unite them,
leaving each man free to think his own thoughts and fashion
his own system of ultimate truth." All its emphasis rests upon
two extremely simple and profound principles
•        Love of God and Love of Man". "Masonry super adds to
our other obligations the strongest ties of connection between
it and the cultivation of virtue, and furnishes the most
powerful incentives to goodness".
       Quotes such as these bring clarity during times of stress
for me; I would hope they might help you too.
Read about our Masonic forefathers, they have an important
story to tell.
    See You in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan PM
    Junior Warden

Passing of Our Brother Robert Parmenter
& Brother Dom Domino

       It is my sad duty to report that Brother Robert Parmenter
has passed on March 6th after a year’s long battle with cancer.
He was one of our "snowbirds: residing in Canada.

       It is with sadness we report Brother Dom Domino has
passed.  Brother Dom was a 50 year member and grandfather
of WB Chris Domino PM. He fought a long battle with cancer
but now has entered into the Celestial Lodge.
    Soft and safe be thy resting places.....

    4/10                Cesar Felix
    4/10                Kristoffer Strauss
    4/13                Jerry Akers
    4/25                James Graham

    4/3/63        Richard Burt
    4/6/96        John McKenna
    4/8/10        Tha Kribbs PM
    4/11/58        Bob Foerster
    4/13/83        Oscar Tuano PM
    4/21/77        Bob Brogan PM
    4/22/97        Bob Shimamoto PM
    4/25/85        Paul Kopriva
    4/28/87        Michael P. Baker PM
    4/29/54        Doc Halliday - 65 years.
    4/29/92        Bob Self PM
    4/30/65        Elmer Jensen

    April 03 Stated
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Meeting
    April 10 1st Degree
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Degree
    April 19th Grand Lodge
    April 20th Grand Lodge
    April 24         DARK


APRIL 2019
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