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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   Aloha Brethren, July is looking to be a pretty active month
for our lodge. First, I would like to invite the brethren who are
members and also those who are traveling to join us for our
annual July picnic which will be held on Saturday July 7, 2018
between 12-3 pm at the Old Kona Airport pavilion #3. Just look
for our Masonic Banner. Also in attendance will be a special
and honored guest from our very own Hawaii Grand Lodge,  
MW Wilson S. Camagan along with some of the Grand Lodge
officers. We look forward to having you all.
   Also, due to the July 4th Holiday being on the first
Wednesday of the month, I would like all brethren to please
make a note that our monthly stated meeting has moved to July
11th, 2018.
   Just for Fun - One night (a long time ago in a jurisdiction far,
far, away) a brother was heading home after indulging a bit too
much at the festive board after his lodge meeting.
He was weaving a little across the path, steadying himself
against the lampposts. A concerned policeman saw him, and
walked over."Well sir, where are we going at this time of night,
eh?" he asked. The brother replied "I, officer, am going to a
lecture on Masonry!" Bemused, the policeman asked, "And just
where are you going to hear a lecture on Masonry at this time
of night?"
   The brother replied, "From my wife!!!"
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Worshipful Master

   Aloha brethren, as most of you know I have been on the
other side of the island for the past month and a half serving
as the incident commander for our lava eruption.  I want to
thank the entire lodge for helping fulfill my Masonic obligations
in my absence.
   The experience was fulfilling and challenging at times.  I
definitely used a lot of my Masonic experience to help navigate
difficult situations and I truly believe that masonry better
prepared me to be able to handle such an unprecedented
   I am looking forward to getting back to lodge business and
seeing all of you soon.  For the officers start thinking about
your next station and prepare yourself to progress.  If anyone is
interested in serving in the line next year who isn’t currently
holding a position please contact me at 808-640-1149.
   A small fun fact our Hawaii Incident Management Team is the
first type 3 team in the history of incident management to ever
be called to a event of this nature.  We are all a part of history.  
Our stated meeting will be on July 11th and I hope to see all of
you there.
    Troy D. Gibson, Sr
    Senior Warden

   Brethren, as the year gets closer to the end and our summer
picnic is at hand, let us reflect on the past.
One thought comes to mind, look for the best in others. Be
patient, understanding, kind, and do not look for the wrong in
   Together we can accomplish many things. As a lodge we are
encouraged to work together. We have an up and coming
brother who wishes to be raised to the sublime degree of
master mason. Let us help him to that end. We have had a
good year. We have enjoyed each other’s company. We have
being dedicated to the craft by attending practice and
perfecting our duties.
   There are many things said about a Mason. None holds more
water than to know that we are truthful, have morality and
above all we are brothers to all.  
I thank those of you that brought to our last stated meeting
clothes for the people in Puna. This small gesture carries a lot
of weight in our community.
   I hope to see all of you this coming June 11TH Stated
Meeting. Do not forget our summer picnic on June 7th.
Blessing will be at 1pm.
    Fraternally yours,
    Joe Zapataoliva
    Junior Warden

    07/08        James B. Grimes
    07/08        Damien Houser
    07/13        Christopher Hannigan
    07/19        Chris Domino, WM
    07/24        David E. Willis
    07/25        Scott B. Whipple
    07/26        Robert E. Parmenter
    07/26        William F. Mielcke
    07/30        Dominick Domino

    07/09/04        Cory A. Akers
    07/12/90        James D. Stephens, PM
    07/13/96        James B. Grimes
    07/13/88        Ralph G. Hind
    07/20/13        John H. Caudell
    07/20/13        Michael Ventrella III
    07/23/66        Leon D. Peters
    07/24/61        Harold W. Erickson
    07/25/12        Troy D. Gibson

    July 07 12-03 pm - Annual Picnic
           (Old Kona Airport #3)
    July 11 Stated Dinner & Meeting
           6pm Dinner
           7PM Meeting
    July 18 3rd degree practice

Prayers are needed:
Our Brother Michael Olson has been diagnosed with bladder
cancer. He has been at Tripler Hospital on Oahu for 1 week so
far. This is of an aggressive nature. There are new treatments
available that are cutting-edge technology. Please keep him in
your prayers for a speedy recovery.
Calls and visits are encouraged.
Michael P. Baker Sr., PGM

A GEOLOGIST'S VIEW - Puna Eruption Update
   As of now, the eruption in Puna is ongoing with no
immediate end in sight. Voluminous lava is flowing in a
channel and has completely filled in Kapoho Bay. Over 600
hundred homes have been lost due to the lava flow. Explosions
have been occurring at Halemaumau Crater on a daily basis.
These explosions have compromised the structural integrity of
Jaggar Museum and all relics have been removed from the
museum. In all probability the museum will have to be moved
to another location. The National Park has been closed for the
past six weeks and its reopening will not occur until well into
the future.

   The effect of the eruption on the Kona area largely depends
on the winds. If the trades are active the Sulfur Dioxide and
particulate concentrations are bearable for almost everyone. If
the trades stop, then the high concentrations of those
contaminants become dangerous. Consequently, one has to be
aware of meteorological conditions.

  The end of the eruption cannot be predicted. The only
encouraging sign that I see is that the time between explosions
at Halemaumau has increased, so that it appears to be taking
longer for pressure to build up and cause an explosion. That,
of course, says nothing about the lava flowing in Puna.
    A. Lee Meyerson, PM
JULY 2018
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