The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
      Aloha my brethren, I would like to first to express my most
sincere thanks to all the brethren for having the confidence in
me to serve as the worshipful master of our lodge for the
upcoming Masonic year.  It truly is a honor to serve the
fraternity and I will do my absolute best to continue our rich
tradition of brotherhood.  
      Thank you to all the officers who are willing to stand side
by side and serve with me, you men are a true inspiration.
I thank all of our Past Masters and Past Grand Master for the
words of wisdom and guidance that has gotten me to this
point and let you know that your mentorship is vital to the
continuing success of our lodge.
      To the brethren and their families, I again thank you for
your confidence and support as we continue to build on our
Masonic foundation to preserve our ancient and honorable
      I look forward to seeing all of you in lodge and am excited
to enter in the new Masonic year with all of you.
On November 11, we paid our last tribute to Brother James
Grimes, best known for his Shrine Clown antics. Brother Jim
has entered into that Celestial Lodge above. At the request of
his family, we performed a Last Tribute of Affection. It was well
attended with MW Michael P. Baker Sr. PGM and WB Dan
Miller PM officiating. “Soft and safe to thee my brother be thy
resting place.”
      I have saved the best for last! Kui and I have a new baby
girl in the family. We named her Aaliyah Sanoekeakealaniwili’
iamekealohamaikalanimai Gibson (meaning “The white
heavenly mist woven with love from heaven).”
See you at the
December Stated Meeting.
    Fraternally & Sincerely
    Troy Gibson

       Aloha Brethren!! It was an exciting month in November as
we elected officers for the ensuing Masonic Year. I again
congratulate Brother Troy Gibson as he has been elected and
has accepted the Worshipful Master’s station in the East. I
offer my congratulations on the arrival of your newest family
member, Aaliyah S. H. Gibson; much blessing to your Ohana!!
       To all the brethren that have advanced to their next
station I congratulate you.  Masonry is a forever on-going
learning experience and growth, and with the dedication you
all show, it’s what keeps this lodge alive and well.
       In December, I encourage all brethren, families and
friends to come and join us in the Installation of officers, it is
open to all and we will be having our picnic after the
installation at the Old Airport Pavilion
#3. Our very own
, Chef Ippy Aiona, will be cooking the main course and
I’m sure you won’t want to miss this occasion! Remember this
is a pot luck, so bring your favorite side dish, salad, or
dessert. See you there.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

       Greetings Brethren, thank you for asking me to occupy
the Junior Wardens chair next year, it will be my pleasure to
serve Kona Lodge and our new Master.
  In the Book Of 1Kings, we read:
"And Solomon had threescore and ten thousand that bare
burdens, and fourscore thousand hewers in the mountains;
    Beside the chief of Solomon's officers, which were over the
work, three thousand and three hundred, which ruled over the
people that wrought in the work."
     Sound familiar? I have been researching Masonic history,
especially pre- 1717 history, and I am learning more about our
ancient ancestors. I hope these facts motivate you as Mason's
to want to delve into our very interesting past. I will be sharing
more facts and some speculation in the future.
       The December Stated meeting dinner will probably
consist of a delectable ham main course and assorted other
mouth watering items. See you in Lodge.
    Fraternally yours,  
    Bob Brogan, PM
    Junior Warden

    12/4                Peter Wikeen
    12/9                Robert Shimamoto, PM
    12/13                Geovanni Tolentino
    1215                Jorge Villasenor
    12/17                Stanley Zuke
    12/22                Michael P. Baker Sr, PGM
    12/31                Ken Pascarelli

                12/01     10am   Installation of Officers
                            At Kona Lodge
         12pm   Potluck lunch at Old Kona
                        Airport we bless the food At 1pm
         12/05     6pm    Kona Stated Dinner
                     7pm    Stated Meeting
        12/24                Christmas Eve
        12/25                Christmas Day
        12/31                New Years Eve

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