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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
    Due to the current climate in the world it has been my unfortunate duty to
suspend all functions for Kona lodge until this pandemic is under control.  
Following the CDC guidelines is of the utmost importance to navigate these
difficult times and as good citizens it is our duty to do our part.
    During this delay I hope that all of you take care of your family and yourselves.  
This is a opportunity for self-reflection and Masonic study which is what I will be
doing during our break.  I pray we will be back to business soon and look forward
to seeing all of you very soon.
    Take care and god bless,
    Troy D Gibson, Sr

     Aloha Brethren, This is a very difficult time we all are experiencing. This
pandemic, for most of us, we have never experienced. Although the virus has not
hit (per the reports of department of health) our island as hard as other areas, the
risks are still present and real.  
    As Masons, we regard ourselves as role models with in our families, friends,
coworkers, and among fellow brethren. This is a time where we as mason can set
examples as being men in our daily lives and provide brotherly love, relief and
truth to the society we surround ourselves in.
    The perfect example is how we as a fraternity rise above all and still conduct
monthly business, communications and maintain our beliefs. We are a lodge of
one and we all need to be certain we all will get through this time.
Brethren, be safe be diligent and be a Mason.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

    Aloha Brothers, I take a moment and wish you a Happy Easter and Passover
holiday, and to thank PM Chris Domino for March stated dinner, it was great!!!
Now that is done, let's get down to business. As you know COVID-19 is spreading
around the globe, and soon it will be with us. We are taking precautions and
following the CDC guidelines by going dark until further notice.
    Please take care of yourself and your families, wash your hands well, and keep
a social distance. When it is good to return to lodge, there will be a few changes, I
can't tell you now because it will spoil the surprise.
    Also don't forget, we will have a great dinner and good fellowship, oh yeah the
meeting also. Again stay safe.
    Fraternally yours,
    James Lysiuk
    Junior Warden


    Aloha All: Per direction from WM Troy Gibson and similar communication from
Grand Lodge, all meetings scheduled for Kona Lodge going forward are to be
cancelled until further notice due to the risks of spreading the Wuhan Virus (COVID-
19). Many of our members fall into the class of "high risk" candidates and could be
very seriously impacted by accidental exposure.
    In the meantime, WB Troy has tasked Brother Barrow Hutchinson, Brother Jerry
Akers and me to "keep the bills paid" and will do so. If anyone has questions, please
contact me or WB Troy. My cell number is: (808) 854-7865 or email me.
    Be safe and stay well...
    Dan Miller PM
    Lodge Secretary

    4/05          Cesar Felix
    4/06          Max Baum
    4/10         Kristofer Strauss
    4/13         Jerry Akers
    4/25         James Graham
    4/30         Oscar Tuano PM

    04/03/63   Richard Burt PM
    04/06/96   John McKenna
    04/06/96   James Dykes III
    03/08/10   Tha Kribbs
    03/11/58   Bob Foerster
    04/13/83   Oscar Tuano PM
    04/20/15   Terry Robinson
    04/21/77   Bob Brogan PM
    04/22/97   Bob Shimamoto PM
    04/28/87   Michael Baker PGM
    04/29/92   Bob Self PM
    04/29/54   Doc Halliday
    04/30/65   Elmer Jensen

    Pictured above are members, visitors and officers at
    the Kona Lodge March Stated meeting


 As a young man Sarkis H. Nahigian fled Armenia to escape persecution and
arrived in the United States in 1890. He worked hard and became a successful
businessman in Chicago and a devoted Mason. In 1948 he presented a priceless
Oriental rug, 46½ feet long and 29½ feet wide, to the George Washington Masonic
Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. In presenting the gift he said:
    "I came to America believing in miracles. I say these words with gratitude, faith
and pride. Gratitude -- to the generations of hard-working and God-fearing men and
women who came to this new country to make a home for freedom. Faith, in that the
democracy they built will never die. Pride, in that my chance has come to show my
appreciation for being an American. And believe me when I say there is no finer title,
no higher position than to be a citizen of the United States."
    "Here we have freedom of thought, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech.
One does not appreciate what these freedoms mean until one recalls what it was to
be deprived of them. Now, again, in humble spirit, it gives me great pleasure to
donate to our beloved George Washington Memorial Building, the largest Persian
Royal Meshed carpet I have ever known. I donate this carpet in grateful appreciation
of all the unlimited privileges and friendships and support I have enjoyed in this
blessed United States of America, and not among the least of these is my privilege
of being a Mason."

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