The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
Happy New Masonic year brethren, I want to start with
congratulating Brother Ippy Aiona receiving the Hiram Award,
and Worshipful Brother Ben Spencer PM on receiving the
McKee Award. You men truly are worthy recipients and it was
a pleasure to be a part of you receiving them.
  I also thank everyone who attended and helped make our
installation a memorable event. I believe a good time was had
by all in attendance. A special thank you goes out to my
installing team: Worshipful Brother Michael Janovsky PM,
Brother Troy Gibson Jr and our very own Most Worshipful
Michael P. Baker Sr. PGM.
    We have set forth our agenda for the year and much work
needs to be done as usual. Having said that, with such
upstanding brethren and officers, I have the utmost
confidence we will succeed in all our endeavors.
  I thank all of you for the vote of confidence to serve as
Master of our lodge and look forward to serving the will and
pleasure of the fraternity.
    Happy holidays
    Troy Gibson

Aloha Brethren, congratulations to all the Brethren who
advanced to their new positions in the officer line and
especially to our new Master of the Lodge, Worshipful Brother
Troy Gibson Sr., I know the lodge will be prosperous with the
dedication that you bring to the fraternity.
  I  thank all the Hawaii Grand Lodge Officers for attending the
Hilo and Kona Lodges officer installation. It is always an
honor to have you here and share your Masonic wealth.
  Congratulations to Worshipful Ben Spencer PM as he was
the recipient of the McKee Award and to Brother Ippy Aiona
who received the Hiram Award. You both have shown an
unsurpassed dedication to the fraternity and we truly
appreciate your support for our lodge, MUCH MAHALO!
   Please come and join us at our January monthly Stated
Meeting and Dinner, it is our privilege in accepting all traveling
brethren and their families to come and experience our Kona
Lodge Ohana (family).  
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

    •        Rosemary roasted pork loin
    •        Mashed Washington Red Potatoes /Gravy
    •        Salad w/dressings of choice
    •        Garlic Bread
    •        Dessert – Apple pie ala mode  

  Greetings from the south:  Consider some of the ancient
building 'projects': The Great Pyramid of Giza - 2580-2560 BC;
the walls around Jerusalem; the wall around the ancient city of
Nineveh (modern day Mosel).
  The Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed of limestone and
granite. The Jewish historian Josephus describes the first
Jerusalem wall as having 60 towers and being nearly 120 feet
tall. The walls around the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh
were constructed of a 20 foot high stone retaining wall topped
with 49 foot thick mud brick walls. It stretched for over 7 miles
around the city, nearly 2 1/2 miles along the Tigris River, with
15 main gates.
What group or groups of workmen with the building skills
necessary to work on these huge building projects were
available? How were they summoned? How were they
  There are lots of questions, lots of speculation, and lots of
research.    Does this pique your interest?
    See you in Lodge.
    Bob Brogan PM
    Junior Warden

    01/01        Troy Gibson WM
    01/01        Ryan White
    01/02        Elmer Jensen
    01/07        Jaron Goodspeed
    01/14        Nicco Colprit
    01/23        Joe Zapataoliva
    01/25        Jim Rath
    01/29        James Stephens PM

    01/30/75Ronald Rumley
    01/20/10        WB Ben Spencer
    01/26/11        Adrian Villasenor
    01/18/17        James Lysiuk
    11/01/17        Roland Pacheco

    01 02     Stated Dinner & Meeting
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Meeting
    01 16        6PM Degree Practice 1st
    01 22        6PM Degree Practice 1st
    01 23     FIRST DEGREE
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Degree

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