The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
       Greetings Brethren, "Our lodges should
    maintain that high efficiency of moral rectitude,
    in both principles and practices, which would
    be helpful and beneficial to the neighborhoods
    in which they are located. While masonry is
    neither religious, political, or financial, yet it
    should stand among all these giving that moral
    support, to those just and correct relations, that
    each should sustain to the other.
         Masons as men of the community, should in
    their conduct and conversation create and
    maintain that healthy public opinion, that
    assures respect to our churches and sanctity
    to our religion; that upholds our government
    and gives dignity to the enforcement of our
    laws; that sustains our various industries, and
    promotes honesty and fair dealings in all our
    financial relations; that creates the community
    stamina and loyalty; that brings peace and
    security to our homes, and joy and happiness
    to our hearts."    (Milton Winham, P.G.M.,
          There will be an Officers’ practice on
    October 11th and 18th. All officers should make
    every effort to attend, as we will be practicing
    advanced stations in preparation for next year.
                  Heads up: Wednesday November 15th will
    be a joint 3rd degree, with Kilauea Lodge, for
    one of their own. Please start practicing your
    advanced stations work, for this important
    See you in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan

    OCT 04 Stated Meeting & Dinner
           6PM DINNER
           7PM MEETING
    OCT 11         6PM Officers’ Practice
    OCT 18        6PM Officers’ Practice
    OCT 25        6PM High Twelve meeting

         Aloha Brethren, I cannot believe it's October
    already which means it’s about that time for our
    officers to complete getting ready for advanced
    seats and conducting the necessary lectures. I
    know we all put hard work into our current and
    future positions in the line. Please keep up the
    hard work and dedication in keeping our
    Masonic Lodge and Traditions alive for our
    future brethren.
             We had a First Degree on the September 27,
    2017. Please come to the Stated Meeting and
    welcome Michael Olson to the world’s greatest
    fraternity. What I mean by the Greatest
    Fraternity: Here are a few events that took
    place in October:
  • •        On October 30, 1911, Franklin D.
    Roosevelt (U.S. President 1933-1945)
    received his 1st degree in Holland Lodge #8,
    New York City.
  • •        On October 11, 1937, Lyndon B.
    Johnson (U.S. President 1963-1969) received
    his 1st degree in Texas.
    I extend to all of the Masonic Brethren, traveling
    or not, to come and join us at all our
    ceremonies and enjoy the dinners, comradery
    and aloha from Kona lodge.  
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

        Aloha my brethren, I first would like to
    welcome our newest EAP, Brother Michael
    Olson, and congratulate him on starting his
    Masonic journey.  Masonry is a lifelong
    endeavor and I am glad to welcome you to our
    Kona Lodge Masonic Family.  
        To my fellow officers, you are in the 4th
    quarter of studying for your advanced stations
    and I again want to remind all officers to utilize
    our Past and current Masters as study
    resources. These senior members have been
    extremely helpful to myself and I'm sure would
    be willing to aid anyone who needs to work on
    their progression.  
         Thank you to all my brothers who have
    assisted with cooking it is truly a team effort.  I
    thank you all again for your support and
    brotherly love and assure you I will do my best
    to serve.
    See you at lodge,
    Troy D Gibson Sr
    Junior Warden

    OCT 06   Robert L. Bates
    OCT 07   Paul J. Kopriva
    OCT 08   Harold V. Hall
    OCT 19   Ronald M. Rumley
    OCT 21   James D. Miller PM
    OCT 23   Tony Arruda PM
    OCT 24   Daniel M. Smith
    OCT 25   John M. McKenna
    OCT 26   Charles W. Neese
    OCT 30   Russ H. Robinson

    OCT 17 1990   James Graham
    OCT 24 2007   Ramon Villasenor
    OCT 10 2007   Chris M. Domino
    OCT 09 2013   Shane D. Howell

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