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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
Aloha my brethren, a busy January is in the books and I’d like
to thank all of you for your diligent efforts and contributions
to masonry.  Between officer practices, a funeral service and
our first degree we were active to say the least.

        Congratulations to our new brother, Eric Moller who was
initiated on January 23rd.  Welcome to the fraternity. It was a
pleasure to participate in your admission into masonry. I
encourage any brother who hasn’t been to lodge in a while to
come down and visit your lodge and meet some of your
       We are planning on doing some lodge upgrades to the
floor as soon as we form a working group and pick a date.  I’d
like to again thank all of the brethren for working together with
Brother Jim Lysiuk to upgrade our lodge.
       One housekeeping note, if your address, phone number
or email has changed please let Worshipful brother Dan Miller
know so he can update our roster.  While I was making my
holiday calls I found quite a few phone numbers to be non-
working anymore.  
       As always it is my honor to serve the fraternity at the will
and pleasure of the brethren.
    Fraternally yours,
    Troy Gibson, Sr.
    Worshipful Master

       Aloha Brethren, January was a special month for our
lodge, not only was it the first month since we’ve been back in
full officer and lodge practicing, but we also had our first
degree. Big congratulations to our newly
initiated entered
apprentice mason Mr. Eric Moller.
       Masonry is a forever growing experience and knowledge
and with that said, it’s always an honor to participate in such
an eventful evening.
       Big congratulations to all the officers, for some of you
this was the first time conducting a degree in your new station
and your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.
        I extend my invitation to all our members who are
available on February 23 & 24 to contact me as we will be
redoing our lodge floors. It’s going to be quit the change for
our lodge and would encourage all brethren, visiting or not to
come and see the improvements.
       Please attend our February monthly Stated Meeting and
Dinner, it is our privilege to accept all traveling brethren and
their families who come and experience our Kona Lodge
Ohana (family).  
    Fraternally Yours
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

 Greetings from the South!
        I was born on July 24, 1783 and passed from labor to rest
on December 17, 1830 in Venezuela. At an early age I was sent
to Spain to be educated, and later moved to France to
continue my education.
       After being enlightened on the continent, I returned to
South America to start planning for the overthrow of the
Spanish Colonialists and the eventual self governing of the
residents of the South American continent.
       I organized and led an army of revolutionaries that fought
and defeated the large number of Spanish expeditionary forces
sent to wipe out the patriot army.
        Following the triumph over the Spanish, I helped form
"Gran Colombia" the first union of independent nations in
South America. I was its President from 1829-1830. In the peak
of my power I ruled an area from the Caribbean Sea to the
border of Argentina.
       I was initiated in the "Masonic Lodge Lautaro" in 1803 in
Cadiz Spain. In May 1806, I obtained the status of Master
Mason in the "Scottish Mother of St. Alexander" in Paris
France. In 1824 I was given the 33*
of Inspector General
Honorary. I founded the Masonic Lodge No.2 of Peru, named
"Order and Liberty".
       I was very anti-slavery, I admired the American
Independence movement, but didn't believe that governmental
system would fit and work in South America.
                  Who am I?
        Simon Bolivar was the liberator of much of South
America and the namesake of Bolivia.  
       This is another example of our famous Freemason
forefathers, who helped shape portions of the historical past
and whose legacies continue to this day.
    Sincerely and Fraternally
    Bob Brogan PM
    Junior Warden

    Feb 06 Troy “LT” Gibson
    Feb 07  Leon Peters
    Feb 10  Doc Halliday        
    Feb 11  Cory Akers
    Feb 13  Richard Burt PM        
    Feb 17  Tha Kribbs PM

    Feb 02 1984  William Hutchison
    Feb 07 2002  Lee  Meyerson PM
    Feb 02 2013  James Little
    Feb 26 2014  Giovanni Tolentino
    Feb 10 2016  Chis Hannigan        
    Feb 21 2018  Michael Olson

February Calendar
    Feb 05 6:00 Stated Dinner and Meeting
    Feb 13 6:00 Practice (2nd Degree)
    Feb 20 5:00 Hi12 Dinner and Meeting
    Feb 23 & 24 Installing Lodge Tile
    Feb 27 6:00 Practice/ Degree TBD

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