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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
      Aloha my brethren, congratulations to our newest brother Maxwell Baum.  The
journey is just beginning and we are honored to be a part of that.  I thank all the
officers and brethren who helped in the first degree.  Special congratulations to
our WB Senior Warden for his sitting in the east for a first degree.  You did a great
job my brother and I thank you.
      For the officers it’s that time to start thinking about your progression in the
line.  Brother Lysiuk, thank you for leading the charge and setting an excellent         
      We have some important fiscal discussions to have, about the lodge financials,
so please do your best to attend lodge to have your voice heard.  If for some
reason you are unable to attend lodge please feel free to call me or any of the
pillars to get up to speed on our current issues and voice your opinion.  This is a
lodge of brethren and each and every one of your voices need to be heard.
      As always it is my honor and privilege to serve the fraternity and I hope to see
you soon.
    Troy D Gibson Sr.

      Aloha Brethren, I would like to congratulate our newly raised EA Mason
Maxwell Baum, I was pleased to be a part of your first step into the fraternity.
To all lodge members, there will be discussion on lodge finances at the upcoming
stated meeting. I encourage all brethren to try and make our stated meeting; your
attendance is required to make an informative decision.  
      To all our traveling brethren and family members, mark your calendars and
join us for our monthly stated dinner on September 4th.
      There will be a third degree on September 18th, please come and celebrate
this important event and Masonic Comradery.  
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden

9/3                Frank Jung
9/3                 Jim Little
9/5                William Hutchison
9/5                Eduardo Sariol
9/14        Robert Self PM
9/17        Richard Marshall

9/10/14                Philip Aiona
9/14/74                Harold Hall
9/14/16                Scott Whipple
9/23/09                Cesar Felix
9/28/68                Pete Wikeen

      Already September, the traditional start of the public school year, my
goodness how time flies! Of course it seems that nothing is as it was, anymore, as
a lot of schools are now starting in August. What happened to having 3 months off
for the summer? I guess it's the “new normal”.
      Back to the subject: During the 2018/2019 school year, Kona Lodge donated
some much appreciated supplies to a worthy class. But we didn't donate those
supplies until well into 2019. We can view the timing of this donation in one of two
ways: (1) we made the donation toward the end of the school year when, maybe
just maybe, the class was low on supplies, or (2) we could maybe make a donation
to a worthy class earlier, so the class might better use the resources we provide
them. Remember, these supplies were donated by Kona Lodge's individual
members generosities, no Lodge funds were solicited. I will be bringing this
matter to your attention at the Stated Meeting, so please have a think about it.
      Another thought about supporting education: I've seen articles in the local
paper concerning back-pack giveaways done by different organizations. Is that
something that interests anyone, and can we support something like that in the
future? I would love to talk to you about educational support, so please come see
      "Masonry super adds to our other obligations the strongest ties of connection
between it and the cultivation of virtue, and furnishes the most powerful
incentives to goodness."     Joseph Fort Newton
    See You in Lodge
    Bob Brogan PM
    Junior Warden

    09/04         Stated Dinner and Meeting
                  6PM Dinner
                  7PM Meeting
    09/11      Officer’s Practice 3rd Degree
    09/18      Third Degree
                  6PM Dinner
                  7PM Degree
    09/25      DARK

Pictured above are officers, members and visitors at the Maxwell Baum First
Degree, congratulations.

Pictured above are: left to right, Bro. Jerry Akers, Bro. Jimmy Lysiuk and Brother
Max Baum at the August Stated Meeting.

Pictured above are the Officers, members, and guests at the August Kona Lodge
Stated Meeting.

                                                                         Pictures from the Aug Stated Dinner
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