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       Aloha Brethren, As many of us that live on the Big Island
of Hawaii, we are experiencing at first hand the effects of all
the volcanic activity, whether you live on the east or west side
of the island, it is affecting all of us one way or another. I will
extend my hand and heart to all those that are affected by it
and if there are any brethren that are in affected areas, please
contact me or any lodge and we will do our best to help and
comfort those in need.
        I would like to share that our Senior Warden Brother Troy
Gibson, being a Fireman, has been on scene and has been the
“boots on the ground” (sort of speaking) to aid and assist the
public in need. Stay safe brother Gibson!
       I would like to congratulate our two scholarship
recipients from Kealakehe and Konawaena High Schools, it’s
always a heartwarming feeling to see the younger generation
excel and hopefully they will remember and pass on the
goodness that we as Masons strive to do.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Worshipful Master

Pictured above from left to right: Brother Jimmy Lysiuk, MW
Michael P. Baker Sr, PGM, Kealakehe High School Scholarship
recipient Nina Lysiuk, Yuka Lysiuk, and Brother Scott Whipple

    06 06    Stated Dinner & Meeting
                     6PM Dinner
                     7PM Meeting
    06 13   Degree Practice (1st)
    06 20   Dark
    06 27   Dark

    06/13/37        William Lathers Jr., PM
    06/24/69        Robert L. Bates        
    06/23/04        Francis L. Jung
    06/24/15        Charles W. Neese
    06/04/94        J. Daniel Miller, PM
    05/21/99        Rex G. Brumley, PM
    05/23/12        Jesse Kunishige
    05/26/92        Russell E. Charvonia, PGM

    6/03        Philip K. Aiona
    6/04        Eddie Akana
    6/08        Charles R. Sundberg, PM
    6/09        Benjamin D. Spencer, PM
    6/19        Admar T. Ularte
    6/26        Timothy S. Cooke
    6/30        A. Lee Meyerson, PM
    6/30        Brian D. Bott

Pictured above are Konawaena High School Scholarship
recipient Austin Ewing and Brother Joe Zapataoliva.


       Aloha Brethren, a lot has happened and once again the
craft has had positive exposure. We have given two
scholarships to deserving students, Nina Lysiuk from
Kealakehe High School and Austin Ewing from Konawaena
High School. I want to congratulate both students.
Once again our Volcano has been very active. Many
homes have been lost and families have been displaced. I ask
all brethren to find a way of helping. You might want to
volunteer, or donate food items. During our stated meeting I
will be collecting can goods to be donated to the Salvation
Army to help these families. If you find that you have a closet
overflowing with unused clothing or find any useful item for
these families, I urge you to bring it to our stated meeting and I
will take it over and donate in the name of Kona Masonic
Lodge.  These are the occasions during which Freemasons can
make a difference.  It is our moral obligation to stand beside
our neighbors.

Don’t miss out on our once a month dinner. We will be
having a roast over jasmine rice, vegetables, salad and we
cannot forget our bread rolls. This will be followed by dessert.
         Come enjoy good camaraderie.
    Joe Zapataoliva
    Junior Warden.

Centered in the picture above is RW Brother Barrye Lane
Absher visiting from Virginia at the May Stated Meeting.

       Kilauea Volcano has entered a new phase. Activity that
was centered at the summit and at Puʻu Oʻo has shifted to the
lower East Rift Zone. A rift zone is an area of weakness on the
volcano; Kilauea has two, the East Rift Zone and the Southwest
Rift Zone. Recently molten material has moved from the
summit, underground, to the lower rift zone in the Puna
district. This movement was accompanied by many small
earthquakes and two large earthquakes. The large ones were
felt all the way to the Kona area, but, were not nearly as severe
as the 2006 earthquake which originated over here.
Subsequently large cracks opened up in the Puna area and
spewed lava and toxic gases. Fortunately for us, all that activity
is about 100 miles away.
       All the molten material erupting in the Puna area is being
fed from the lava contained at the summit of Kilauea.
Consequently, the lava level at the summit dropped over 1,000
feet. This does two things. First, support for the walls of the
vent at the summit is removed, allowing rocks to fall into the
remaining lava. This produces some explosive activity and an
ash cloud. Second, as the lava level drops, it intersects the
water table, which allows water to mix with the lava. This is
like splattering water over a frying pan containing hot grease.
The reaction is violent! This reaction has produced
earthquakes in the summit area, resulting in cracks in Highway
11 and an explosive activity at the summit giving rise to large
ash falls.
       Since this activity is in Puna and Kaʻu, the only effect in
Kona is an increase in the vog level. As long as we can tolerate
that, we will not otherwise be affected by the lava and
earthquakes. Lucky we live Kona.
    WB Lee Meyerson, PM



WB Chuck Sundberg, PM, pictured with Brother Troy Gibson
SW, saying his goodbys as he is relocating to Georgia on the
mainland. We know that we will see him again.

UNE 2018
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