The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
    Seasons Greetings brethren, thank you for the honor of serving again.  I am
truly humbled by your confidence in me and I am look forward to continue serving
the will and pleasure of the fraternity.  This would not be possible without the love
and guidance of every one of you.  
    Congratulations to the officers and particularly to those of you who will be
serving in new positions.  The fraternity would not be able to progress without
willing brethren such as you.  For those of us including me who will be staying in
the same position it is a chance for us to be better in those positions and I look
forward to the opportunity to grow.
    Now for the fun stuff. December 7th, at 10 AM, is our installation and picnic and
as usual it is open to the public so please come and support your officer line and
welcome our Grand Lodge officers.  
    Please mark December 21st on your calendar which is the installation of our
other lodge (Kilauea) on the island.  As we are one lodge who  meets in two
separate places.  The Installation in Hilo begins at 10AM.  I hope to see you all
    Troy Gibson, Sr,

  Aloha Brethren, I would like to start by congratulating and thanking WM Troy
Gibson who was elected and accepted to be the Worshipful Master for 2020, also
please brethren it is a very special year for the Gibson’s as Troy Gibson Jr. will be
installed as the Worshipful Master for the Hilo lodge, congratulations to you both.
    To all the brethren who were elected and or accepted to advance and partake in
the line, your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed, thank you all for
making our lodge and fraternity into what it is today.
    Congratulations to our newly raised Fellow Craft, Brother Max Baum. You are
progressing and learning. The Brotherly Love and Support we share does not just
stop there, it’s a lifelong experience. I am looking forward to the day you are raised
to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.
    To all our traveling brethren and family members, mark your calendars and join
us for the monthly stated dinner the first Wednesday of every month and also
please join us at the officer installation picnic located at the old airport pavilion #3.
This is a potluck event with the lodge providing the main course in which were are
doing a smoked brisket and pork ribs, you don’t want to miss this one!
    Speaking of travels brethren, for those who are traveling over the holidays,
please be safe and vigilant, it’s that time of the year when people are easily
distracted. Just on our island we had three fatalities in a week.
     Happy Holidays to you all as I believe we are dark following the Installation of
Officers on Dec 7th.   

    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden

Christmas and Masons
    On this special day I am taking the opportunity to talk about Freemasonry and
its role in the world.
Freemasonry, as you know is not a religion. We welcome people of all different
faiths and beliefs into our organization. We only ask that you have a monotheistic
belief in a supreme being.
    This brings me to the time of year we are in, Christmas. At one time in the world
this was the celebration of hope as we moved from the darkest day of the year and
the days began to get brighter. We now celebrate with Christmas and the birth of
Christ who taught very specific lessons when dealing with your fellow man. These
lessons are taught in other religions as well.
    The lessons Christ taught were of tolerance, justice, hope and kindness, to only
name a few. These lessons are taught throughout Freemasonry. It is because of
this that I believe Freemasonry truly embodies the idea of the Christmas season
year round.
    In our lodges and other Masonic organizations we daily, not just at this time of
year, plan and perform acts to help the communities we are in. We teach our
members, our brothers, to deal honestly and fairly with all whom we encounter.
We stand on the level with our brothers whether we have known them for years or
we are first meeting them on that day. We don't care what their religious affiliation
is or their political affiliation. We know that if they are standing there in that room
with us, they believe that we have the right to our beliefs just as we believe they
have the right to theirs.

    12/04        Pete Wikeen
    12/09        WB Bob Shimamoto
    12/13        Giovanni Tolentino
    12/15        Adrian Villasenor
    12/17        Stan Zuke
    12/22        MW Michael P. Baker Sr. PGM
    12/31        Ken Pascarelli

    One of the biggest problems that Freemasonry has, in my opinion, is the lack of
interest after the initial high of the initiate has worn down. This is a natural
occurrence in this ever-intense electronic and busy world. It is up to seasoned
members and the newly initiated to combat this tendency. We, as seasoned
members should be talking and teaching Masonry's lifestyle to every new member
to attempt to instill the values which we hold near and dear. We should also update
our own values and look deeply into our own hearts to see if WE measure up to
Freemasonry. The initiate going through the Masonic processes should also be
eager to ask questions and learn more than just some memory work. There is so
much to learn that our Masonic journey is indeed a lifelong quest for knowledge.
There is no rush.
     It's time we put our hearts into it and rolled up our sleeves and commit to
improving ourselves and our Masonic experience.
     How can YOU help? What can WE do to help?  Help all of us to improve our
          It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as your Junior Warden this year,
and I would like to thank the Master and all the officers for a memorable (and busy)
year. And a thank you to all the members and visitors who make Kona Lodge a
special place.
    See you in Lodge
    Robert Brogan PM
    Junior Warden

           DEC 04    Stated Meeting & Dinner
                                  6PM Dinner
                                  7PM Meeting
           Dec  06     Installation Practice
                                  6PM practice
           Dec   07 Installation and BBQ Lunch
                           10AM Installation
                           12:30PM BBQ Potluck Lunch
                                           Old Kona Airport Pavilion #3
           Dec  21  Kilauea Lodge Officers Installation
                                  10AM Installation (Hilo) lunch to follow

                             We are dark for the remainder of the year
                          Happy Holidays

Pictured above are MW Michael Baker Sr. PGM, Brother Knut F. R.
Hovde, and WB Dan Miller PM at Lava Java in Waikoloa Village.
Brother Knut is holding a 50 year Golden Veterans Award from the
Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

Pictured above are members, officers and visitors at the, November 13,
2019, Max Baum FellowCraft degree

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