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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
    Aloha Brethren, I will start by congratulating and thanking
all of the officers that were installed at the Installation of
Officers Ceremony; it was a special event I’m sure for all of us
including me as I was honored to have my grandfather,
Brother Dom Domino, who has been a Mason now for 60
years, in attendance. I can only hope that one day that all
brethren can experience in one way or another,  what it feels
like to have such great heritage in masonry! I thank all the
Hawaii Grand Lodge officers who attended and were a part of
such a special event.
    In December, our lodge typically goes dark and I hope all
the brethren are enjoying the holidays and safe travels.
    In January, we will be back to business with our Stated
Meeting on January 3rd and getting right into a second degree
ceremony on the 17th for our entered apprentice
Michael Olson who gave his proficiency at our December
stated meeting, good job Brother Michael.

    (A little education and History)
Modern Christian Symbolism Interpretation

    The Point within a Circle denotes St. John the Baptist,
whose "day" is June 24th and St. John the Evangelist, whose
"day" is December 27th.  They are the 2 Patron Saints of
Masonry.  While many Master Masons are aware of the
celebration of these 2 days, few realize why it is cause for
celebration within their lodge.
    The Saints John:  Little is known about either of the Saints
John in the Masonic sense.  What we do know is that:

St. John the Baptist:  

  • St. John the Baptist was a stern and morally just man.  He
    was a direct descendant from Ishmael's bloodline.  Ishmael
    was Abraham's eldest son, born by his servant, Hagar
    (John's mother) Elizabeth was a relative of Mary (Jesus'
    mother) and both John and Jesus were contemporaries
    (born about the same time).
  • John the Baptist baptized Jesus and proclaimed Him the
    "Lamb of God".  John the Baptist is probably best known
    for his survivalist instincts, (as we read of his living off of
    locusts and honey) and for his zealous virtue in keeping
    God's laws.

St. John the Evangelist:  

  • St. John the Evangelist is said to be the disciple whom
    Jesus loved.  St. John the Evangelist is also known as
    John the Apostle.  He is probably best known as a teacher
    of knowledge, the author of the Gospel book of John, the
    book of Revelation in the New Testament and later wrote
    the 3 Epistles in the Bible called John 1, John 2 and John 3
    He was the only one of the 12 disciples who did not
    forsake Jesus at the hour of his death.  He is remembered
    as a gentle teacher of brotherly love and was the last
    surviving apostle, and believed to have died at a very old
    age (90+), circa 101 A.D. at Ephesus, Turkey, which is
    about halfway between Jerusalem and Rome.  At a later
    date, a church was built over his tomb and subsequently, a
    beautiful Moslem Mosque.

There is no historical evidence that either of the Saints John
were ever members of the Craft of stonemasons, but because
of their righteous lives and their strength of character, both of
these Godly men have been adopted as the 2 Patron Saints of

The symbolism of the point within a circle is:
1.        Point = The Individual Brother.
2.        Circle= The boundary line of his duty to God                   
and to man, beyond which a man should not allow his
passions, prejudices or interests to betray him.
    Fraternally yours,
    Chris Domino

   Aloha my brethren, I take great pleasure in serving the craft
another year.  I would also like to congratulate Brother Mike
Olson on his first degree proficiency and look forward to his
second degree on the January 17th.  I urge all brethren to
attend Brother Michael Olson’s FellowCraft Degree.  
    I look forward to more growth as a man and a mason. All
the help afforded to me from the brethren is truly appreciated.  
I hope everybody had a joyous Holiday Season.  I am look
forward to the upcoming year. It’s time to get to work!
    Troy D Gibson, Sr.
    Senior Warden

Aloha brethren, Thank you for all you do for our fraternity.
•        Chicken parmesan on a plate of pasta
•        Slices of garlic bread.
•        Drinks
•        Dessert will be provided.

    We have a lot of work this coming year and we all need to
do our part. There is floor work to be learned and much
memory to be worked on. This work is essential if we expect to
    We are lucky to have many Past Masters who can assist us,
the new guard for 2018.   Hopefully we do not overwork them.
    Kona lodge will be conferring a 2nd degree on January 17.
We encourage all Masons to attend and make this, our first
degree for 2018, be a fabulous experience for our future
    Brethren come enjoy a good meal. Make new friends and
rekindle old friendships.
    Happy Holidays,
    Joe Zapataoliva
    Junior Warden

    01/11/17   Roland Pacheco                
    01/18/17   James Lysiuk                
    01/26/10   Ben Spencer PM                
    01/26/11   Jorge (Adrian) Villasenor
    1/30/75     Ronald Rumley

    01/01   Troy Gibson                        
    01/02   Elmer Jenson                        
    01/07   Jaron Goodspeed                
    01/14   Nicco Colprit                        
    01/16   Richard Denison                
    01/21   Lawrence Jones PM                
    01/23   Gordon Poire                        
    01/24   Joe Zapataoliva                
    01/25   Jim Rath                        
    01/29   Jim Stephens PM

    01/03         Kona Stated Meeting
           6PM Dinner
           7PM Meeting
    01/10        2nd Degree Practice
    01/17        2nd Degree Bro. Michael Olson
                  6PM Dinner
                  7PM Degree
    01/24        HI-12 Business Meeting
                        6PM Dinner/Meeting
                               At Kona Lodge
    01/31        Dark

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