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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
     Aloha Brethren, First, I would like to thank our MW Wilson
Camagan for attending out annual picnic; your presence and
Masonic knowledge are always welcomed. For all the brethren
that offered their assistance and for those that attended, it is
always a reminder why I’m a Mason and what this fraternity is
really about.  
      For the month of August, the Hilo Kilauea Lodge along with
the Kona Lodge, will be conducting a 3rd degree for their FC
Mason Josh Stueben. The degree will be held on August 15,
dinner @6pm sharp, so please mark your calendar. Our
welcome extends to all traveling brethren, family and
      As a mason, we have a wide variety of brethren that have
various careers and in particular our Policemen brethren. Last
month, Hawaii County experienced its first Police officer
fatality. Our prayers and condolences go out to the immediate
family. I would like to take this time to say thank you for your
police services and protection of the community. I have several
family members that were police officers; I appreciate your
dedication and perseverance, much mahalo!!

                              Food for Thought…
       Freemasonry is the oldest, and by far, the largest fraternal
order in the world. Its lodges stretch around the globe, and like
the British Empire, it might well be said that the sun never sets
upon the Masonic lodge.
      Fraternity means an association of brothers, and that is
exactly what Freemasonry is - a society of friends and
brothers. The origins of Freemasonry date back to the dawn of
civilization. The Egyptians practiced many of the philosophies
known to modern Free¬masonry, and men practiced many of
the operative skills as guilds formed in Europe during the
Tenth Century. Written records of modern Freemasonry have
been kept since 1717 with the formation of a general governing
body called a Grand Lodge in England.
      It is not a secret society in that its Temples are openly
marked and almost everyone in the community knows where
they are located. The Grand Lodge publishes a roster of the
members of every lodge in the jurisdiction. Many of the Lodges
have individual bulletins or newsletters which carry the names
of the officers and members, as well. Thus it is, in the strictest
sense of the word, a society with secrets, and these are limited
to its obligation, its modes of recognition, such as pass words
and grips, etc. and certain parts of its ritual.
      It is religious in character, but is not a religion. It is
founded upon the basic principle of the Brotherhood of Man
under the Fatherhood of God, and everyone who comes to its
lodges must express a particular belief about God, for this is
the privilege of each individual and is not infringed upon by
our Fraternity.
    Fraternally yours,
    Chris Domino
    Worshipful Master

      Aloha Brethren, as we move well into the second half of
the ensuing Masonic year I want to reflect on the positive
movement our lodge has made.
It gives me great pleasure to work with all the officers and
coaches at practice and connect with the brethren when we
meet.  The willingness to serve in the line is a attribute that is
appreciated by all and the hard work in making the Masonic
experience for our candidates is unparalleled.
      Also our membership’s participation and fellowship is one
of the things that truly makes Kona Lodge a special place.  I
know each visitor that has crossed our lodges threshold has
felt at home.
      Let’s keep up our work in masonry and look inside
ourselves to see how we can improve as individuals and as a
team.  Growth is essential in the progression of manhood and
as a team we are all beneficial to each other in this journey.
      In closing I would like to ask any brother who may know of
a member who hasn’t attended lodge in a while to reach out
and invite him back because he is truly a missed member of
our fraternity.  I appreciate the honor to serve the brethren and
as always thank each and every one of you for your friendship
and brotherhood.
    Fraternally yours,
    Troy Gibson Sr.
    Senior Warden

      Brethren, what a great turnout we had during our annual
summer picnic.  As always MW Michael P. Baker Sr. came
through with his famous shrimp dish. I thank all who brought
their favorite dish to share. I thank all brothers who stepped up
to help with the setup, transporting tables and chairs, and to
those that helped with cleanup.
      Many thanks to Most Worshipful Wilson Camagon, Grand
Master of Masons of Hawaii, who flew from Honolulu to attend
our annual picnic and for his heartfelt support and advice he
gave us.
      We have an exciting end of the year. We will be assisting
our Hilo lodge brothers in an upcoming master mason degree.
Your attendance is vital for this degree and any degree that is
facilitated by our Kona Lodge.
      Our strength comes from the support of every blue lodge
member. This is where we reinforce our core principles,
Brotherhood is our support for the future as Masons and
Brothers. Be true to oneself and we will see how our personal
growth is rewarded.  It is good to know that brothers are
stepping forward to continue the success of our fraternity; this
will continue to support and strengthen our fraternity.
    Fraternally yours,
    Joe Zapataoliva,
    Junior Warden

    8/08                James Lysiuk
    8/10                Stephen Furbush
    8/12                Frederick Richburg
    8/12                Roland Pacheco
    8/13                Harold Erickson
    8/22                Kazuo Todd

    8/06/69                William Mielcke
    8/13/14                Stephen Furbush
    8/20/14                Troy Gibson
    8/23/03                Admar Ularte
    8/23/04                Eddie Akana
    8/23/03                Eduardo Sariol
    8/24/16                Edward Ku

    08 01        Stated Dinner & Meeting
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Meeting
    08 08        Officers Practice
                           6PM 3rd Degree
    08 14        Officers Practice
                           6PM 3rd Degree
    08 15        3rd Degree Kileaua/Kona Joint
                           6PM Dinner
                           7PM Degree
    08 22        Officers Practice
                           6PM Proficiency work
    08 29        dark
JULY 2018
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