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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
       "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every
    opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in
    every difficulty."
    Brother Winston Churchill.
         As Master of Kona Lodge I would like to
    thank everyone for the great support that I and
    all the officers have received these past two
    years. Without your support, counsel and
    involvement, the degree work would not have
    been possible. I am sure that all members will
    continue their unselfish support for next year's
          To all those members we have not seen in
    awhile: we have missed you. There are a lot of
    demands made on our time, but, try to make
    time, at least once and awhile so we can see
    your smiling faces again. The unwavering
    support of every Lodge member will make this
    Kona Lodge a Wednesday night destination.
    Put your heart into it.
    See you in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan

    Aloha Brethren, It that time of year again, at this
    stated meeting we will be electing our officers
    so please come and join us to support the new
    officer line. We held an advanced station
    meeting in October and I would like to say that
    you all did a fantastic job in the preparation and
    execution of the ceremonies. It’s the
    perseverance and dedication that you all
    displayed that is so vital to lodge and keeping
    masonry alive!
    We will be hosting a 3rd degree for  Hilo Lodge
    on November 15, 2017. Dinner will be served at
    6pm with the ceremony at 7pm.
    I would like extend an invitation to all of the
    Masonic brethren, traveling or not, to come and
    join us at all our ceremonies and enjoy the
    dinners, comradery and aloha from our Kona
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

    Aloha my brethren, I can truly say this Masonic
    year has been one of the most rewarding ones
    in my short Masonic career.  As I reflect on the
    year I am very proud of the work that has been
    done in and out of the lodge.  This was a
    testament to all and couldn’t happen without
    the strong leadership our master has given us.  
    On that note I thank Worshipful Bob Brogan for
    providing his leadership 2 years in a row.  This
    is a thankless job and I acknowledge his
    dedication and say thank you from all of us.  I
    look forwarding to continuing to serve the craft
    and brethren. I extend a personal invitation to
    any and all brethren who haven’t been to lodge
    in a while.  We miss you!
    A short housekeeping note: dinner will be
    $10.00 from now on so please plan
    accordingly.  I have enjoyed cooking for all of
    you this year and as always encourage any
    interested parties to call me to offer thier help
    Troy D Gibson, Sr
    Junior Warden

    Nov   21   Robert S. Foerster
    Nov   10   John H. Caudell
    Nov   25   Shane D. Howell
    Nov   08   Jesse Kunishige
    Nov   18   Michael A. Ventrella III

    Nov 21 1968  Robert Parmenter PM
    Nov 28 1984  Richard Denison
    Nov 07 1990  Joe E. Zapataoliva
    Nov 12 2000  Kristoffer Strauss
    Nov 12 2013  Kazuo S. Todd
    Nov 12 2014  Nicco T. Colprit

    Nov 01  Stated Dinner and Meeting
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Degree
    Nov 08  3rd  Degree Practice
    Nov 15  Courtesy 3rd Degree
    Nov 22  High Twelve Dinner (Dark)

                   CALLED FROM LABOR

    It is my sad duty to report that Brother A. D.
    Wardle has passed from labor on 5/20/16. He
    was a past Senior Steward of Kona Lodge.

    “Soft and safe to thee, my Brother, be thy
    resting place.”

                   CALLED FROM LABOR
    It is my sad duty to report that Brother Russ
    Robinson passed from labor on this day,
    10/26/17. Brother Russ was Past Chaplin of
    Kona Lodge and Secretary/Treasurer of the
    Kona Temple Association. His presence in
    Kona Lodge will be greatly missed.

    “Soft and safe to thee, my Brother, be thy
    resting place.”

    Lodge Structure Questions

    Since there was apparent confusion by some
    members during the discussion of our dues and
    Temple Board issues, I have attempted to
    provide some clarity:

    There are three “entities” involved in the
    ownership and administration of our Lodge

    •        The Condominium Association, which
    manages the entire building, and is responsible
    for the exterior maintenance such as painting,
    roof repairs, parking, maintaining bathrooms,
    and water service etc.  As one of the units in
    the building, the Lodge is represented on the
    association by WB Rex Brumley, PM. The
    association meets annually to decide what
    necessary repairs and maintenance are
    needed, and to determine the necessary fees to
    keep the building in service. This monthly fee
    has been determined this year to be $310 per
    month for each unit. These fees cover the
    maintenance and contingency funds to do
    major projects such as roof replacements, etc.

    •        The Temple Board, which consists of the
    Lodge Pillars (Master and Wardens), and
    several Lodge-elected trustees, is the actual
    “owner” of the Lodge building. This is required
    by the Hawaii Masonic Code, and is done to
    shield the Lodge members individually or
    collectively from liability. Every Masonic Lodge
    across the country is structured the same way.
    The Temple Board (sometimes called a Hall
    Association) is a non-profit entity, whose sole
    responsibility is to own and manage the
    physical building. The Temple Board is
    responsible for paying the monthly bills:
    Condominium Association fees, our utility bills
    (Helco), property taxes, (we pay the
    “commercial rate” to Uncle Harry’s slush
    fund!).  The Temple Board gets funds partly
    from our dues, and secondly, from the monthly
    “rent” paid by the Lodge or from voluntary
    donations. The amount of “rent” the Lodge
    pays to the Temple Board is intended to provide
    adequate funds to meet obligations without
    having to dip into reserve funds.

    •        The Lodge, which consists of each
    member in good standing, (each having one
    vote,) Lodge assets, such as bank and
    investment accounts and our Lodge
    paraphernalia. While the Lodge technically
    “owns” the facility, legally it is titled to the
    Temple Board for reasons stated above.  The
    Lodge gets funds from only a few sources:
    member dues, fees for degrees and voluntary
    unsolicited donations. The Lodge cannot solicit
    funds from the general public, which is why the
    High Twelve Club comes into play. As a 501
    organization, it can do so, and donate funds
    wherever it wishes.

    When the Condominium Association raised
    monthly fees substantially this February and
    Hawaii County raised property taxes on
    commercial property as well, and our Helco bill
    increased due to increased use, the Temple
    Board found itself in a bind of not having
    adequate funding, hence the proposed dues
    raise was proposed. The High Twelve Club
    stepped into the fray with a fund-raiser event to
    assist in the matter, and it will likely be required
    again in the future.  

    Still have questions? Call me,
    Dan Miller, P.M.


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