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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
       Aloha Brethren, Wow! Was April quit a month in Masonry
for our Lodge. At the April Stated Meeting we held a Memorial
Service for one of our own; Past Master WB Larry Jones. He
now sits with the almighty creator and shines his light upon
us all.
       The following week, April 11, Kona Lodge had the
pleasure of meeting and hosting MW Russ Charvonia Past
Grand Master of California and a brother of Kona Lodge, and
his family in a very inspirational speech and exercise on
Civility that touched us all. It may have been interpreted
different by all who attended or applied in our own individual
lives with similarities. In the end we are all Mason and have
our obligations as we took our degrees to uphold as our
forefathers have.
       On April 15, the High 12 club had a very successful
fundraiser, funding the Silver Swords Youth Fencing Club, the
Blue Lodge Scholarship Fund, and the Kona Masonic Center.
Your kind hearts and generosity are greatly appreciated. To all
that participated, we all thank you very much. It is members
like you that make the difference in achieving the community
outreach that is so needed.  MUCH MAHALO!!
       For the Grand finale, the Grand Lodge of Hawaii Annual
Communication was held, What an event! Congratulations
Most Worshipful Wilson Camagan on your Election as Grand
Master for 2018. I truly feel honored to be a Mason when I get a
chance to attend such an event, with all the visiting brethren
from our neighboring island and the mainland, and the
international traveling brethren from Japan and the
Philippines. There was an historic and notable event to be
present at. The signing of a treaty between the Grand Lodge of
Hawaii F.&A.M. and the Price Hall Grand Lodge of Hawaii, Inc
to come together and share mutual recognition jurisdiction in
    Thank you all for your dedication and fellowship.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Worshipful Master

Aloha my brethren, we had an exciting and busy month of
fellowship and civility.
     As we move forward in the year I would urge any and all
the brethren to think about how they can enrich their Masonic
experience.  This can be done in a number of ways and each
brother has his own journey.  
    As always I appreciate all the help from the brethren and
look forward to broadening my Masonic horizons.
     The Annual Communication was an enriching experience
and it was my pleasure to represent such a fine group of men.  
As always thank you for the opportunity to serve the will and
pleasure of the brethren.
    Troy D Gibson Sr,
    Senior Warden

       This past month of April was a busy month. Our Pillars
attended the Grand Lodge of Hawaii Annual Communication,
and witnessed an historic treaty signing between the Grand
lodge of Hawaii and the Grand Lodge of Hawaii Prince Hall,
Inc. I charge every brother who reads this bulletin, to come
and listen to experiences of brothers who attended that
historic treaty signing.
        On April 11 there was a class on civility at lodge. Most
Worshipful Brother Russ Charvonia came from Southern
California to deliver a riveting program on Civility.  We have
set our future to greater heights.
       I want to thank the brethren for their support on
supporting the HI 12 fundraiser on April 15.  We were
successful in achieving our goal. The Brethren that showed up
to lend a hand in preparing and serving the Angus Chop steak
with rice, corn and gravy were richly appreciated. I take my off
my hat to you.
       I also want to invite every Mason to come to our stated
meeting for the Month of May. Enjoy a great group of men with
their families at a dinner of Mexican food to commemorate
Cinco de Mayo.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Joe Zapataoliva
    Junior Warden

    MAY 02   Stated Dinner & Meeting
                       6PM Dinner (Mexican)
                       7PM Meeting
    May 09     Lodge Practice 6PM 1st Degree
    May 16     Lodge Practice 6PM 2nd Degree
    May 23     Dark
    May 30     High Twelve Meeting
                       6PM light dinner
                       7PM Business Meeting

    May 23      Rex Brumley PM
    May 28      Hector Robles

    May 05   1957    Dom Domino
    May 05   1990    Gordon Poire
    May 09   2013    Ken Pascarelli
    May 12   1966    Fredrick Richburg
    May 15   2002    Brian Bott
    May 21   1999    Rex Brumley PM
    May 23   2012    Jesse Kunishige
    May 26   1992    Russ Charvonia PGM
MAY 2018
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