Worshipfuls, Betty and Lee at our October
Stated Meeting
The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   Another month of quarantine and social distancing has passed.  I hope this
Trestleboard finds all of you and your families in good health.  
   July first we will have another virtual meeting at 6pm.  In these times this is a
great way for us to check in with each other and socialize.  Please make every
effort to attend so we can talk story.  Grand lodge is moving forward on an virtual
grand communication and we will represent Kona lodge at that communication.  If
there are any resolutions that you would like to communicate your pleasure on
feel free to contact me or the other pillars.
   I know this has been said before but I do hope we are getting closer to being
able to resume some semblance of normalcy.  If any brother is aware or needs any
help feel free to reach out for assistance.  These are unique times that require us
to be diligent about staying in communication using new venues.  Be safe, be well
my brethren and hopefully I will see you on July first at 6pm at our Zoom meeting.
    Troy D Gibson Sr PM

   Aloha Brethren, well things look like they may be opening up and we’ll be able
to attend lodge in the near future.  I’m sure were all very excited to get back to
usual business and also to see the lodge after all the improvements that has been
done to it. Thanks again to all the brethren that were involved, your hard work
does not go un-noticed.
   It has been some interesting times around the world and especially in our own
country. I’m not going to get into specifics, but one thing I do want to say is we are
all different in our own ways from how we look, food we eat and cook and how we
view things in our everyday lives.  One thing that we all have in common is that
we are brothers of the apron and under our obligations that we take, I know that we
all can show up and make a difference in any situation that might come about us
and unite as brethren under that one mighty Architect as Masons.  
   To all the brothers, I hope you and your families are doing well! Be safe
brethren, till we meet again.
Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden

   Aloha Brothers, June is gone and now we are coming up on July, I hope all is
well and everybody is healthy.
   I miss all of you and cannot wait to return to lodge so I can announce the dessert
again, I’ve been practicing.
   A lot of work has been going on in the lodge and outside the lodge too.
The sign is back on Palani Rd. I extend my thanks to Worshipful Brother Chris
Domino for lending a hand in the installation.
I hope to see everybody soon.
    Fraternally yours,
    Brother James Lysiuk
    Junior Warden

    7/07        Eric Moller
    7/08        Damien Houser
    7/13        Chris Hannigan
    7/19        WB Chris Domino PM
    7/24        David Willis
    7/25        Scott Whipple        
    7/26        William Mielke

    7/09/14           Cory Akers
    7/12/90           Jim Stephens
    7/20/13           John Caudell
    7/23/66           Leon Peters
    7/24/61           Harold Erickson
    7/25/12           WB Troy Gibson Sr, PM

                           Attention!!! July 1, 2020 6PM
                               Virtual Lodge Meeting: zoom link:


        ZOOM Meeting ID: 576 397 8114  Password: 008035

                      (tip: mute yourself until you want to talk)

    Go to zoom and enter the above info and wait to be admitted.

JULY 2020
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