The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   Congratulations are in order for our newest brother Master Mason Eric Moller!  It
has been our pleasure to assist you in your journey.  Brother Eric has been an
example of what dedication can do to expedite your journey.  One more step until
you’re free to enter the Masonic World in totality.
   To the brethren and officers I thank all of you for your participation and
diligence.  I am still awaiting Kilauea lodge to notify us on dates to do at least one
courtesy third degree in October.  
    As we get closer to the end of the Masonic year I would ask any brother who
has a interest in progressing or joining the officer line to communicate with one of
the pillars.  Preparation time for next year starts now.  
    We have started the process of purchasing new officer/lodge shirts thanks to
our brother Hugh in Oahu.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a custom made
shirt with custom embroidery please let me know.
   My daughter’s (Aaliyah) birthday celebration will be at the Kohala Jodo Mission,
November 16th in Hawi, Hawaii. An invitation will be posted at the lodge soon.  I
don’t have exact start time yet sir but it will be a lunch event.
   Please note that the lodge will be having the final vote on the raising of dues at
the November Stated Meeting.  Please make every effort to attend.
   In closing I thank all of you for the continuous support that you give to this
lodge. It is truly that cement that unites us.
    Fraternally yours,
    Troy D Gibson Sr

The picture we have all been waiting for
proud fathers and daughters!

Aloha Brethren, I would like to congratulate our newly Raised Master Mason
Brother Eric Moller and also the degree team for putting together all the hard work
to make it such a memorable night.
   To all lodge members who are interested in purchasing the new Officer Line
shirts, I believe the brother who will come from Honolulu will be here at our
November Stated Meeting to take measurements and place the orders. Brethren,
these are really nice collared dress shirts that come in different colors and are
custom fit and embroidered so please try and make it if you’re interested.
    To all our traveling brethren and family members, mark your calendars and join
us for monthly stated dinner.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden

    10/06                Robert Bates
    10/07                Paul Kopriva
    10/08                Harold Hall
    10/19                Ronald Rumley
    10/21                J. Daniel Miller PM
    10/23                Tony Arruda PM
    10/24                Daniel Smith
    10/25                John McKenna
    10/26                Charles Neese

    10/09/13        Shane Howell
    10/10/07        Chris Domino        
    10/17/90        James Graham
    10/24/07        Ramon Villasenor

   As we approach the end of the year, it is time for some thought on what's next.
Here are some questions for our membership:  Are you an active participant in
Kona Lodge? When was the last time you sat next to your brethren in Kona Lodge
and enjoyed witty company? Have you ever served as an officer (in Kona Lodge or
another Lodge)? Do you want to support Kona Lodge, with more than just your
dues? Has your smiling face ever made someone else smile in Lodge? Do you
want to join the officer's line?
   Before you dismiss the idea of becoming an officer immediately, think on the
following. You will get to wear a fancy white shirt. You will be asked to cook a
stated meeting dinner once a year. The Master (not this Master, obviously) will be
asking you to memorize voluminous pages of speech. You will not have any home
life the whole time you are an officer.
  Seriously, becoming an officer does take a little commitment, but that's a
commitment you proved when you went through your initiation. It's a feeling all
Freemasons share and have in their hearts. It's what sets us apart from everyone
else. It what sets us on the journey to know more about our Masonic ancestors and
to teach our new initiates more about our own journey. I urge you to think about
your journey and to share your experiences through the medium of the officers’

  "Masonry is too great an institution to have been made in a day, much less by a
few men, but was a slow evolution through long time, unfolding its beauty as it
grew. Indeed, it was like one of its own cathedrals which one generation of
builders wrought and vanished, and another followed, until, amidst vicissitudes of
time and change, of decline and revival, the order itself became a temple of
Freedom and Fraternity."   Joseph Fort Newton
     See You in Lodge
     Bob Brogan PM
     Junior Warden

    10/02/19        Stated Meeting & Dinner
                        6PM Dinner
                        7PM Meeting
    10/12/19        3rd Degree Kileaua Lodge Hilo
                        1PM Degree
    10/23/19        Officers Practice
                           2nd degree


Get your Hi-12 Fundraiser tickets at the October Stated Meeting for a Steak, corn
and rice lunch plate. Pick up will be at KTA on November 9, 20019 from 10am to
2pm. (see MW Mike Baker).

Pictured above are members, officers, and visitors who
attended the September Stated Meeting.

                                                                                 Shown above are officers, members and visitors at
                                                                                 the September Eric Mueller Third Degree.

Pictured above is WB Lee Meyerson PM presenting Bro.
Eric Mueller his Masonic Bible on September 18, 2019.

Pictured above are the Officers, members, and guests at the August Kona Lodge
Stated Meeting.

                                                                        Pictures from the Aug Stated Dinner
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