The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
  Greetings from the East:
    "Masonic labor is purely a labor of love. He who seeks to draw
Masonic wages in gold and silver will be disappointed. The wages of a
Mason are in the dealings with one another; sympathy begets
sympathy, kindness begets kindness, helpfulness begets helpfulness,
and these are the wages of a Mason". (Benjamin Franklin).
      I would like to thank the individuals who donated time and/or funds
to refresh our lodge dining room. Thanks to Gerald Akers for donating
floor materials, and to Ramon and Jorge Villasenor and crew for the
floor re-do labor. What a fine floor! Also thanks to Jimmy Lysiuk, Troy
Gibson, Miss Marcia, and Mr. Laird for their painting efforts, and also to
all the cash donors to our 'pass the hat' re-do fund, without your
generous donations, this would not have been possible.
    Thanks to Scott Whipple for providing a brand new vacuum cleaner
for lodge clean-up efforts. Because of efforts like these, our lodge is a
little better today, THANKS TO ALL! Please come to our Kona Lodge
'dining room grand re-opening' dinner, at 6pm, before our September
Stated Meeting on the 6th, and see the results.
     The costs of keeping the Lodge open have been steadily rising, led
by the increase in the building association fees, property taxes, and
electric bills. There is a tabled motion to raise the Kona Lodge yearly
dues to $126.00.  This will be discussed at the September Stated
Meeting, and voted on at the October Stated Meeting.
     There will be a Officers practice, 1st degree, on September 13th,
with a 1st degree to be held on September 27th. Officers: your
attendance will be welcome, please prepare. 2018 officers, time is
getting short, preparation is key.
     Remember the High Twelve meeting on September 20th.

    See you in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan

From the South
    Aloha Kona Masons, there has been a lot going on in our lodge and
thanks to all who have contributed their time and money to the
renovations to our dining area.  
    It has by far been the most work I have seen done in my short
Masonic journey and I am as I'm sure everyone is extremely grateful.
I would like to remind all that although this work is essential we (me
included) need to focus on our floor work in advanced stations to
make sure we are improving the lodge as well as ourselves in
     We have a plethora of experienced Past Masters and a Past
Grandmaster who are willing and able to aid and assist. Please utilize
those valuable resources. Not all lodges have such a valuable
    On another note I urge any Master Mason who has not been around
in a while to come down and meet the newer masons and see the
work that is getting done. I witnessed the new AV equipment being put
to good use for the secretaries meeting and was proud to see our new
equipment being used.  
    On a scheduling note we have some degrees coming up so I urge
all to come down and share in the newer mason’s experience. I
appreciated the lodge filled when I received my degrees.  
    Thank you MW Mike Baker PGM for taking the cooking duties for the
September stated Meeting Dinner, I truly appreciate your help.  
    On a final note we will be proposing a minor dues raise of $15.00/yr
to battle increasing bills in the next few months. Please come to the
September Stated meeting to discuss the upcoming October  raising
the dues vote and get a clearer explanation of why this raise is
    I Thank you all again for your friendship, guidance and support.

    Warmest Aloha,
    Troy D Gibson Sr.
    Junior Warden

       Sep  06 - Stated Meeting
       Sep 13 -  Officers Practice
       Sep 20 -  High Twelve Meeting
       Sep 27 -  First Degree

    Sep14 1974   Harold V Hall
    Sep 23 2009  Cesar S Felix
    Sep 29 2013  Jaron K Goodspeed
    Sep 24 2014  Malakai K Torres
    Sep 10 2014  Philip K Aiona
    Sep 14 2016  Scott B Whipple
    Sep 28 1968  Peter D. Wikeen

    Sep 03  Francis L Jung
    Sep 03  James D Little
    Sep 05  William B Hutchison
    Sep 05  Edwardo A Sariol
    Sep 14  Robert Self PM
    Sep 17  Richard E Marshall

              RW Richard and Joy Decker

   Pictured above are; RW Richard Decker with his lovely wife Joy. RW
Dick was a long time member of Kona Lodge. We celebrated a Tribute
of Affection at the Episcopal Church below Konawaena High School
on July 27, 2017.
    A Graveside Service was performed by MW Michael P. Baker Sr.
PGM & WB Dan Miller PM. It was a double ceremony as Joy’s Ashes
were co-mingled during the ceremony. Family, Friends, and Masons
were in  attendance. RW Dick and Joy were well represented at the

    A sneek peek of our newly freshened dining room. The floor has a
shine and the walls have fresh paint. Come down to the September
Stated Dinner and Meeting and enjoy the celebration the reopening of
our dinner hall


    Aloha Brethren, I’ve been gone a month and I thank every brethren
that had participated and continuously participates in the involvement
of improving this lodge, with your efforts and dedication; this ensures
Masonry as a whole.
    I would add that, As Master Masons, we obligate ourselves to the
challenges of our daily lives as a father, brother, spouse, friend, etc.
We take on things that many may shy away from but, as Masons we
shine in such circumstances and during life’s obstacles.
    These obligations are not meant just for Masons nor just a brother,
but for all of us. We as Masons take these obligations to improve
ourselves in our everyday lives and the more we improve on that, the
more we improve as Brothers and Masons.

A Little history - Feast of Tishiri

    The 15th day of the 7th month – though the date moves with the
Jewish calendar (7th Month of the Jewish calendar somewhere
between September and October).
    The origin of the Feast of Tishri is described in the book of Leviticus
where it is said that the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying that on the
fifteenth day of the month of Tishri of the Hebrew civil calendar, “ye
shall have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto
the Lord.” The Feast of Tishri is the Hebrew equivalent of
Thanksgiving or Harvest festival.
    The origins and significance of the Feast of Tishri make it the most
Scottish Rite of festivals. No other occasion epitomizes the character
and purpose of the Feast of Tishri more wholly than the dedication of
King Solomon’s Temple. The rich legend of the Temple's dedication,
celebrated during the Feast of Tishri, is an essential part of the
Fourteenth Degree.
    By observing the Feast of Tishri, Scottish Rite Masons share the
fraternal spirit and reaffirm our dedication to human concord and the
brotherhood of all men. As Brothers, we resolve to build, as King
Solomon did, peace for all mankind.
    I extend all of the Masonic brethren, traveling or not, an invitation to
come and join us at all our ceremonies and enjoy the dinners,
comradery and aloha from Kona lodge.

    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Senior Warden

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