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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   Aloha Brethren, My time as Master of the Lodge is slowly
coming to end and I would like to share this: As I traveled on
my recent vacation, I had time to reflect on one particular thing
that being Master of the Lodge truly means to me.
    As a Master Mason, we are able to travel in foreign
countries, work and receive master mason wages, the better to
support ourselves and family, and so on.. Being the Master of
this lodge, I feel that my wages are seeing the lodge continue
on growing with brethren supporting and spreading brotherly
love, relief and truth. Also, seeing new members being
initiated is very rewarding with the knowledge that our own
Kona Lodge is growing by new brethren bringing new
Masonic fellowship which hopefully turns into friendships.

  I’ve also learned that being a Master Mason let alone
Master of a lodge, does not happen overnight nor just by
doing the work as an officer with ritual movements and
lectures. That just prepares one for the journey and
continuance of Masonic Education of what being a Master
Mason truly is.
    I thank our Brother Senior Warden Troy Gibson on sitting
in the East when I was traveling and to Brother Ippy Aiona for
taking care of the stated meeting dinner.
     Last note, I thank all the officers that have been putting in
the work, for their dedication in attending the practices, and
preparing to put on future degrees.
We have a few 1st degrees coming up, so please make your
calendars and attend the ritual.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino
    Worshipful Master

  Aloha brethren, I am pleased to inform those of you who
were unable to attend the stated meeting that we have voted
two gentlemen to receive the degrees of masonry.  This of
course means that there is much work ahead, which is
    Our new grill was christened by our Brother and Chef
‘Ippy.” He gave us a preview of the fundraiser meal and trust
me it was ono.
     I would like to echo something that was discussed in our
meeting.  Each of you has something specific that you enjoy
about masonry and I encourage you to share it with the
     Brother Whipple shared some historic thoughts and it was
truly appreciated by all.  I would like to solicit anyone to share
any Masonic points of interest in our next meeting Make sure
to give the master or any of the pillars due and timely notice
so we can make time and be prepared.
     It is my honor to serve the will and pleasure of the lodge.
    Fraternally yours
    Troy Gibson Sr.
    Senior Warden

   Aloha Brethren, This coming October signals a great
opportunity for the Kona Lodge to shine. We are on track to
opening our doors to a potential brother.
I ask all officers who are taking part in these degrees to take
the time to practice on their own.
    To understand what it takes to be an Entered Apprentice
Mason in a Lodge of Master Masons, we need to study to
remember. We have a duty to our forefathers and to ourselves
to continue to learn.
    Our teachings help us to remove the rough edges in our
lives and to shape our character, and to understand that we
are not alone.
    I ask all brethren who have not had the opportunity to join
us in the past to keep abreast of our final scheduled date to
receive our newest candidate.
    Come and share fellowship with us during our stated
meeting and enjoy a good dinner with fellow brethren and
    Fraternally yours,
    Joe Zapataoliva
    Junior Warden

    10/06        Robert Bates
    10/07        Paul Kopriva
    10/08        Harold Hall
    10/19        Ronald Rumley
    10/21        J. Daniel Miller, PM
    10/23        Tony Arruda, PM
    10/24        Daniel Smith
    10/25        John McKenna
    10/26        Charles Neese

    10/09/13        Shane Howell
    10/10/07        Chris Domino, WM        
    10/17/90        James Graham
    10/24/07        Ramon Villasenor

    10/03         Stated Meeting
                           6pm Dinner
                           7pm Meeting
    10/10          Officers Practice
                           6PM 1st Degree
    10/17         Officers Practice
                           6pm 1st Degree
    10/24        1st Degree
                           6pm Dinner
                           7pm Degree

               West Hawaii HI Twelve Club
                             Fund Raiser

    •        Where: Future Location of Ippy’s Hawaiian BBQ
            in Waimea
    •        When: October 21st
    •        Time: 10am-2pm
    •        What: BBQ Pork, Rice & Vegetable Lunch Plate.
    •        Price: $10:00 in advance or $12.00 at the booth
    •        Tickets can be purchased from any of the HI Twelve
            Members or at the booth.

         All proceeds will be donated to Kona Masonic Center.

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