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"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   Happy New Year Brethren, as we start the New Year I would ask that all the
brethren reflect back on 2019 and give your selves a pat on the back.  It truly
amazes me on what we can accomplish together.
Looking forward, I would like ask that we build on that Masonic Energy and
continue to raise our own bars of dedication to the craft to keep our progressive
movement forward.
    Recognitions are in order for all the brethren that made our installation a
success.  I especially congratulate our officers in their progression and offer any
assistance you may need to continue your Masonic Growth.  Take it from one who
knows the year will go by fast.  
We will start our year out fast, having the probability of doing multiple thirds
degrees right out the gate.  
    Thank you again to all of you for your friendship and brotherly love.  
In closing it is my hope to support our lodge in its growth and progression and I
thank you for allowing me to serve again from the East.
Troy D Gibson Sr

    Aloha Brethren, Congratulations to all the brethren who advanced to their new
positions in the officer line and especially to our new Master of the Lodge,
Worshipful Brother Troy Gibson Sr, I know the lodge will be prosperous with the
dedication that you bring to the fraternity.
Also, I would like to thank all the Hawaii Grand Lodge Officers for attending the Hilo
and Kona Lodges officer installation. It is always an honor to have you here and
share your Masonic wealth.
    Please come and join us at our January monthly Stated Meeting and Dinner, it is
our privilege in accepting all traveling brethren and their families to come and
experience our Kona Lodge Ohana (family).  
I hope all of you had a safe and blessed holiday season!
    •        Surf and Turf (Boneless short ribs and shrimp)
    •        Salad w/ dressings of choice
    •        Rolls with garlic butter
    •        Dessert – Apple pie ala-mode
    Fraternally Yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden

    Aloha Brethren, a New Year is upon us and I take this opportunity to wish every
brother and his family a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Congratulations are in order for both Kona and Kailua lodge on their Installation of
new officers, looking forward to working with everybody this year.
    Last year my predecessor would write in his articles a little something about
Masonic history. So, in keeping this tradition I found a quote from our founding
father George Washington:
     “Nowhere does one become more convinced of the strong hold which
Freemasonry takes upon the mind and lives of those aging workers in the craft
who have attained its highest honors and of their firm belief in the power of its
teachings to purify the soul of men and raise them to a new dignity and greater
heights of spirituality and practical morality.”
    Fraternally yours,
    Bro. James Lysiuk
    Junior Warden

       01 08   Stated Meeting and Dinner
                       6PM       Dinner
                       7PM       Meeting
       01 15       6PM       3rd Degree Practice
       01 25       10AM     Saturday 3rd Degree
                                      Dinner to follow
       01 29        6PM      HI-12 Dinner/Meeting
                                      We will be planning events, Fund Raisers, and Election
                                      Of Officers.
    01/01                 Troy Gibson PM
    01/01                 Ryan White
    01/02                 Elmer Jenson
    01//07                Jaron Goodspeed
    01/014               Nicco Colprit
    01/24                 Joe Zapataoliva
    01/25                 Jim Rath
    01/29                 Jim Stephens PM

    01/11/17            Roland Pacheco
    01/18/17            Jim Lysiuk
    01/20/10            Ben Spencer PM
    01/26/11            Adrian Villasenor
    01/30/75            Ron Rumley

Pictured above is Worshipful Troy Gibson Sr being installed as Worshipful Master
of Kona Lodge for the ensuing 2020 Masonic Year

Pictured above are visitors, members and officers of Kona Lodge. Picture was
taken on December 7th at the installation of officers.

Pictured above are Right Worshipful Gary Graham and Most Worshipful Alex
Eascasa enjoying the after installation BBQ picnic at the Old Kona Airport.

Pictured above are Brother Chris Hannigan and Master Elect Troy Gibson Jr. From
Kilauea Lodge.

Pictured above is WB Michael Janovsky PM, Grand Lodge Inspector who served as
Master of Ceremonies for the Installation of Kona Lodge Officers.

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