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"To see the light by which Masons Work"

        Aloha my brethren, I would like to open this month with one of
    my favorite quotes from one of our most revered brother Benjamin
    Franklin. “Masonic labor is purely a labor of love. He who seeks to
    draw Masonic wages in gold and silver will be disappointed. The
    wages of a Mason are in the dealings with one another; sympathy
    begets sympathy, kindness begets kindness, helpfulness begets
    helpfulness, and these are the wages of a Mason”.
        This quote is truly appropriate because in my humble opinion
    this lodge is truly rich with those wages.  We may not have a large
    bank account but we are truly rich with brotherly love and that
    makes me extremely proud to be your brother.      
        Moving forward there is much work to do and it is my honor and
    privilege to stand side by side with you and earn those “Masonic
        Congratulations Brothers Eric Moller, Jimmy Smith and Joseph
    Rouse on becoming Fellowcraft Masons. It was a privilege to
    participate in the progression of your journey.
    Thank you to the brethren who assisted in the triple 2nd degree on
    the 29th. Thank you to all the brethren who assisted the Kona HI
    Twelve Club, on their fundraiser.
    Troy Gibson WM

        Aloha Brethren, I have been a little detached from the lodge over
    the past few months as I had a baby girl and had to travel back and
    forth to Oahu, but I’m very pleased to announce that we finally
    brought baby Isabella home on Tuesday 5/29/19!! She is doing very
    well and mom and I forgot what it’s like to sleep through the night...
        I do understand that the lodge has been very active with
    conferring a triple second degree. Congratulations to the newly
    installed Fellowcraft Masons and my hats off to all the officers and
    participating brethren on your hard work and dedication.
        I’m looking forward to being more active in lodge once we get
    settled in our new arrival at home safe travels to all the brethren
    that have plans this summer.
    Fraternally yours,
    Chris Domino PM
    Senior Warden

WB Chris Dominno PM, with his daughter Isabella finally home from the
Hospital in Oahu.

    Greetings: Let me be so presumptuous as to ask you this personal
    question: What led you to knock at the door of Masonry?  
           I would bet there are several answers to this question, maybe
    even several dozen in our lodge alone. As Augustus C.L. Arnold
    wrote "Masonry is Friendship, Love, and Integrity - Friendship
    which rises superior to the fictitious distinctions of society, the
    prejudices of religion, and the Pecuniary conditions of life; Love
    which knows no limits, nor inequality, nor decay; Integrity which
    binds man to the eternal law of duty". More questions. Has
    Masonry lived up to those first impressions you had when you
    sought admission? Have you lived up to the expectations of
    Masonry? These are questions for each brother to ponder within
    himself. Each brother, I believe, should periodically take stock of
    his life and actions to see if improvements or changes are
    warranted and needed. This is part of the self improvement we
    strive for in the Masonic principles. "You get from Freemasonry
    just what you put into it" is so often quoted as to make the line
    ignorable but no truer statement has ever been made. One may
    draw upon the 'Brotherly Love account' only if one has made
    deposits to the 'Brotherly Love account". I humbly submit that it is
    time for all of us to take stock of ourselves and at the very least
    deposit some more 'Brotherly Love' into our Masonic account.
          June starts the summer season, and moves from "Flag Day" to
    the Fourth of July holiday. We are a patriotic group, and as such
    we salute our Grand Old Flag frequently. Please take time to
    refresh your memory on proper flag etiquette, and help insure that
    wonderful symbol of our United States of America- Old Glory- is
    properly honored.
    See you in Lodge,
    Bob Brogan PM
    Junior Warden

    6/03        Philip (Ippy) Aiona
    6/04        Eddie Akana
    6/08        Chuck Sundberg PM
    6/09        Ben Spencer PM
    6/19        Admar Ularte
    6/26        Timothy Cooke
    6/30        Lee Meyerson PM
    6/30        Brian Bott

    6/4/94        Dan Miller PM
    6/23/04        Frank Jung
    6/24/15        Charles Neese
    6/25/14        Jerry Akers


    05 June      Stated Dinner and Meeting
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Meeting
    08 June        Kamehameha Day Parade
    12 June                6PM Practice 2nd Degree
    19 June        2nd Degree
                   6PM Dinner
                   7PM Degree
    26 June        DARK

Shown above are Worshipful Troy Gibson and Brother Ippy Aiona at
the Baptism of the Gibson’s baby Aaliyah.

Pictured above are left to right: Joseph Rouse, Eric Moeller, MW Mike Baker
PGM and Jimmy Smith our new Fellowcrafts Taken on May 29th -  a triple
2nd degree
UNE 2019
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