The Trestle board
"To see the light by which Masons Work"
   Aloha Brethren, November was quite a busy
month for our lodge: First we had elections at our
stated meeting and I am very honored and proud
to have been elected as the new Worshipful
Master of the Lodge.
    I extend my gratitude to all of the officers that
have been elected and appointed in their
positions, Masonry needs Men like you to keep the
Masonic traditions, friendships and brotherly love
alive, so future ages may enjoy and experience it
as well, and with that, I can assure you all that I
will do my very best…                       
   On November 15th, Kona Lodge had another
very successful 3rd degree ceremony for our
newly raised Master Mason, Brother Sean
Stueber, from Kilauea Lodge. It is a pleasure to
host and partake in such a memorable event. I am
grateful for all who participated in putting the
courtesy degree together and to those who
participated in the degree as well.
   Brethren Mark Your Calendars to attend the
2018 Kona Lodge Officer’s installation which is
scheduled for 10am, Saturday December 2nd  at
Kona Lodge. Members of the Hawaii Grand Lodge
will be the installing team.
Immediately following the installation will be our
annual BBQ Potluck held at the Old Kona Airport,
pavilion #3.
   Please keep in mind that the installation
ceremony is open to everyone, mason or not,
family members and friends are welcome.
    Fraternally, Chris Domino, WM


   Aloha brethren, first, I congratulate Brother
Sean Stueber on becoming a Master Mason,
welcome to the family.
   I congratulate the Kona Lodge Officers on
performing a great courtesy degree for Kilauea
Lodge; I heard it was an inspiring 3rd degree -
unfortunately due to work constraints I was
unable to attend. Kilauea Lodge truly appreciates
Kona Lodge’s support.
    I would like to recognize all of the newly elected
and appointed officers in the 2018 line of officers
for being installed in their new positions, your
dedication to the craft is duly noted.
As you will receive this trestle board before the
first of the month, please plan to attend our
Installations of Officers and our annual picnic
which follows.
    MW Michael P. Baker Sr., PGM will be cooking
the boneless ribs and shrimp.  It is an arduous
task which I know from experience that should not
be taken lightly.  
   Thank you my brothers for your confidence in
performing the duties of the Senior Warden. I am
looking forward to another year of serving Kona
Lodge. I serve at will and pleasure of the
Worshipful Master and the Lodge with great
   I look forward to having a great year and
appreciate your support.
    Troy D Gibson Sr, SW


   Aloha Brethren, 2017 was a very fast Masonic
year for all of us. The Holidays are knocking on
our door steps and we all get busy with family and
    I invite all brethren to join us for our 2018
installation of officers on December 2nd, at 10am
at Kona Lodge.  Come early, have a cup or two of
coffee, enjoy some light pastries and fellowship
with brethren, family, and friends.
   After the installation join us at our Annual
Installation Pot Luck Lunch at
12:00 - Old Kona
Airport Pavilion #3. Surf and turf awaits us with
side dishes and desserts from our Kona Lodge
   I have the pleasure to serve my first stated
dinner meal for 2018. Dinner as always will be at
              The December Stated Menu:

    •        Korean chicken
    •        Rice
    •        Vegetables
    •        Salad
    •        Dessert
    •        Soft Drinks/water

I look forward to serving as Junior Warden.
    Fraternally, Joe Zapataoliva, JW

    Dec 01   Kilauea Lodge Installation
    Dec 02   10am Kona Lodge Installation
    12pm BBQ Potluck. Pavilion #3
    Dec 06   Kona Lodge Stated
    6PM Dinner
    7PM Meeting
    Dec 24   Christmas Eve
    Dec 25   Christmas Day

    Dec 04   Peter D. Wikeen
    Dec 09   Robert M.  Shimamoto, PM
    Dec 13   Geovanni L. Tolentino
    Dec 15   Jorge A. Villasenor
    Dec 17   Stanley H. Zuke
    Dec 22   Michael P. Baker Sr, PGM
    Dec 31   Kenneth J.  Pascarelli


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